Past Life Regression, Atlantis And Will!

Past Life Regression, Atlantis And Will!

I had a dream Monday night with my Grams P in it. I was at a house (it was my house, but it wasn’t by house) and it was raining outside (as it was in the physical reality). I had a porch sale going on and I remembered everything was out there and it was raining. So I ran downstairs and as I got to my front door, it burst open and my mom, and youngest sister came in – sis had her newborn with her. In the midst of them was Grams P. It must of been the look on my face as she said – I know honey, I’m dead. She was holding my niece but my niece didn’t see her. I wondered if anyone else wondered why a baby was suspended in mid air – but no one else came in the room. I started to tear up and tell Grams how much I missed her. She said she knew and that she’s always around (then she said some choice words about my ex – lol). The reason that she stopped by to see me is that although she has only been in the spiritual realm a short time (6 years), it is very well known how much the heavens love me and they are proud of what I am doing. I am very well thought of and the Divine knows that I will get my job done here on Earth. Then she smiled and faded away – I woke up.

I thought that was great that Grams came to me with that message. Sometimes its tough for me to see if I’m making any differences in the world and even harder to envision how it is to come to pass – the big picture that I’ve seen about what I am to do. So the confirmation from her was great.

Just to note – I am beyond busy. So if you sent me an email and it’s been over a month with no reply – resend. My inbox is a fricken nightmare.

BTW…found my psychic manger/agent:) Yay! We’re going to streamline some things on the site. No worries – I will still do what I do – but the information won’t be so overwhelming:) Our first stop is to revamp and then promote my presence on Keen. Then we’ll move form there.

About Paris, France in May 2008 – I’m going there for fun. BUT – I am open to doing readings while I am there. I’ll remind you to set up an appointment before I go if you want one. In Greece – I am working Maria Shaw’s psychic cruise. So I will be doing readings on the ship.

Now yesterday I went and had my PLR done. It was wonderful! We’re going to try to meet once a month with the next appointment on Nov 13th. I asked her to take me to lifetimes that were important to me know. And since Merlin was chatting in my ear on the way down, I should of guessed where my 1st stop would be: The year 1100. I arrived in a hut (which is what I called it, but I should have said cottage). To my left there was a stone fireplace, lit, with a pot of water getting ready to boil. I could smell freshly baked bread. At the table was me, my son, a woman who I think her name is Angie, Ted and Will. We were working on a magical experiment with levitation. There was a big bowl in the center of the table and we were adding or subtracting herbs to see how high or long a rock would float. I looked about outside the hut – way up in the sky and saw that I was in Scotland – left side of the country.

Next I was in 1697. I was in a dungeon or jail awaiting execution. Next to me – as Will – he to was awaiting a trial. They were beating the crap out of him to get him to confess to being a witch – which he wouldn’t. Once I couldn’t hear his screams any more, they came to me. I told them to do what they will. How we got there is a woman had an infection on her thigh – a pretty bad one. Against the advice of her husband (he wanted her to go to the doctor and have her leg removed) she came to Will and I and we healed her. This pissed off the husband – so we were turned in as witches. They got Will 1st and I ran. But someone who I thought was my friend, turned me in. They were taking us to the gallows when I walked out of this life.

The year 0 was interesting. Yep – said 0. I was at a place with 9 stone chairs in a circle and a fire pit in the center. To the right of me was a cave, but in front of the cave was a star portal. The portal was invisible to al but who was supposed to use it (I’ve had this place in past visions). Bill and Ted were there and we all jumped into it and was at earth in a blink of an eye. We were actually in Atlantis – 3500 BC was the date. I could tell it was the ending of Atlantis. But around me was these beautiful crystal pyramids. Inside each pyramid was a centralized crystal along with a crystal trough where water flowed through. In telling about the level of royalty I was, I decided to want to speed back through the portal and go back. But it was odd cause my voice shifted – got deeper and wiser sounding. Cindy asked about Atlantis and were is it now – is it here in earth. My response was no, it’s not here on earth physically, but shifted into another dimension to keep it safe. When the time is right – it will shift back into the earth’s physical reality. There were messages about how toxic the earth is and that the physical body is so temporary. And that Allie shouldn’t worry so much about the time capsule (it was strange referring to me in the 3rd person) as it will resurface when it needs to. Cindy asked about my name and what I look like – the planet I come from. And I remember smiling and saying – look up at your night sky to Venus and then look diagonally up to your right. There we are. When pushed about a name – it was told that we’ve had enough information at that time. I think here my conscious mind was interfering as I was trying to logically figure everything it (duh Allie). So I’ll have her take me deeper next time.

Next up 535 and I saw me as Joan of Arc. Only Joan was born until the 1400’s, so I’m not sure how I could see me as Joan in that year – unless that person was to become Joan. Or I got the year wrong – don’t know. But as soon as I stepped from the door – I smelled death. All over the place. Dead warriors – it was very disturbing. Flash forward to being in bed with the Bishop (Ted) with the Cleric (Bill) coming to get me and me escaping out the back. I still don’t know….how 535 and Joan. Maybe I’ll figure it out in the next session. Cindy asked how it was to be Joan – and I said it felt very heavy.

And that was it. The session was an hour long and I have it all in tape (thank goodness) – so obviously there is more there than what I put above. But I wanted to give you an overview. A more detailed account I’ll put in the book. Very enlightening!

Now it did feel like I was channeling someone when I was in the 0 year. On the way down to Columbus, Merlin kept chattering to me that he wants me to be his channel and I keep saying no. I’m not comfortable with channeling. I wonder if the 0 person was Merlin? Humm…..HA — I’m getting a gruff – NO – in my right ear from Merlin. That was funny.

You know what I just thought of? When I would write about Tracey before, I always called her Cindy (made up name) just in case she didn’t want me to use her real name. And who is it that is doing my PLR’s? Cindy (real name). Unreal.

I’d better get going on that podcast of mine!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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