Past Life Regression and Joshua!

Past Life Regression and Joshua!

The PLR yesterday with Cindy Riggs was GREAT! She’s so awesome – love going to her. So much happened in the PLR that instead of writing about it – I talked about it. The MP3 of my talk is below:

MP3 File

When Cindy went to record – the card wasn’t in for the MP3 player so it was taped. I knew since it was taped and not an MP3 that the regression was for me only. There were some really personal items on there that I probably wouldn’t want to post – so in a way I’m glad it wasn’t an MP3.

I figured I get a regression every 2 years. 2005 from Rebecca in CA, 2007 from Cindy in OH, 2009 from Tonya in MI and 2011 from Cindy.  Interesting.

Out of everything I learned yesterday – Joshua was the most interesting. He is a guide with a purpose. Iris was a tough cookie with strict rules. Joshua is more nurturing, flexible yet firm. Like a parent. Which is interesting since he was my parent at one time:) When everything was created – he was one of the creation. I came from him. So with Star People – he is the an original. I am too – but I’m 2nd generation. I’m created after creation instead of being part of creation. Mind boggling if you allow yourself to think about it.

Starting next week I’ll be offering channeled readings from Joshua. He needs to decide what all he’d like to offer. Until that time, I’m offering 1 question channeled readings – listen to the audio above for more information.

I knew another gift would emerge because of the PLR – but I never thought it would be channeling.

Now that school is over – YAY – for good. The follow up questions are back on the readings – yay team! The follow up questions count for readings bought today forward. Not past readings you have been holding onto and haven’t used yet.

So much to get done today — gotta fly 🙂

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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