Want to dream about one or more of your past lives? Then let magic help you – just remember to write down your memories as soon as you awaken!


2 Quartz Crystals (Faden Quartz if you can find them), 2 Petrified Wood, Sandalwood, Fire-Proof Container, Spell Charcoal


Light the Spell Charcoal & put it inside the Fire-Proof Container. Sprinkle some Sandalwood over the Charcoal.

Place a Stone in altering fashion at the 4 Corners of your bed: i.e. Crystal, Wood, Crystal, Wood.

Lie on your bed and wait for the Sandalwood to stop burning.

As you drift off to sleep repeat to yourself:

I am visiting and remembering my past lives.

Write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up.

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