The Passion Zone: Rae Mullin – Empowering The Whole Woman though Healthcare

The Passion Zone: Rae Mullin – Empowering The Whole Woman though Healthcare

Join Allie and Scarlet as they welcome Healthcare Expert and Women Empowerment Guru Rae Mullin and Sex Toy Expert – Morgan Kenady.

DISCLAIMER: There are a few areas that are NWS. Use common sense.


Rae Mullin is a Pelvic Health Specialist and she is on a mission to empower women of all ages to tap into healing themselves, and be in control of their physical health. She comes from a place of unconditional acceptance knowing that life is a journey and where you are now is just the right place. Rae has over 20 years of study on nutrition and the beauty of food, including why we eat and the patterns we have created around nourishment.

With Rae, you’ll build confidence, release untapped power that lives deep within you.


Morgan is quickly becoming known as the “it girl” for sex toys! She tranistioned from writing about & reviewing sex toys, to a rising star of Pure Romance, Morgan loves helping women find the right sex toy for their needs! You can find out more about Morgan here:

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