Out Of Body Sex, Energy Body And Telepathic Fun!

Out Of Body Sex, Energy Body And Telepathic Fun!

Out of body sex – this morning I opened my email and had over 10 emails asking either how to engage in telepathic, dream or astral sex – and/or if OBE sex is real. I can understand why some have a hard time believing that OBE sex is something real because many people tend not to believe in things, ideas or notions of items they cannot see or feel with their physical hands. The thing with OBE sex and OBE is general is that it deals with energy and our energy body. We may not be able to “see” our energy body with the naked eye – but we can feel our energy. Don’t believe me? Try this…

Hold your hands up at chest level, approximately six to eight inches apart palms facing one another.

Can you feel the heat exchange between them?

Next – bend the fingertips on your right hand (as if you were giving a slight wave) upward and downward towards the left palm. Now close your eyes and repeat this process. Can you feel a warm cool or tingly feeling in your left palm?

Move your left hand back a few inches and now move your right fingertips from left to right towards the left palm. Still feel the sensation? That’s energy.

Need more?

Stick out the hand you do not write with – palm up. Use your imagination and create a white ball of energy over the palm of your hand – having it hover 2 to 3 inches above the palm. Feel the tingling in the middle of your palm? That’s energy.

And that’s all OBE and OBE sex is – the exchange of energy. OBE sex isn’t a way of life that is only intended for those naturally gifted on OBE – it’s for anyone because everyone has two things: an energy body and an imagination. That’s all you need. No fancy equipment, music or drugs. There’s no reason on Earth why everyone could not have a satisfying sex life.

The easiest way to get started with OBE sex is to allow yourself to telepathically connect to someone via what I call an intense day dream. Close your eyes and imagine someone you’d like to have sex with – make sure this is a person you actually know – celebrities or strangers will not work – unless (you knew this was coming) you knew this person in a previous life or you at least have made eye contact in this life. Our energy body has a natural shield that keeps “unknowns” out.

Really allow yourself to imagine this person – what they would be wearing, what location they would be in, how they would smell, what they would be doing…etc….once you can hold that picture of them in your imagination – allow yourself to kiss them. Keep kissing – touching – feeling – taking note on how your body is responding to what you are doing. They should respond back with kiss and touching as well. Kisses will deepen, touching will accelerate – just as if they were right in front of you. Let your lips wander along their body – let their lips wander on yours.

When you’ve had enough foreplay – you can either end the day dream as you would any other time you end day dreams – just pull yourself out of it. Or if you want to try to keep moving forward – go head. See yourselves taking off each other’s clothes, engaging in oral play or intercourse. You can engage in anything you want to in this connection as you would in the physical reality. When you’re finished – stop the day dream. Note how your body feels. Are you turned on? Were you able to have an orgasm? Or do you have to take matters into your own hands?

The other person, if they do not know that telepathic sex is going on, will still feel something. They will be horny without knowing why. Their energy body can respond back in an unconscious fashion – they do not have to know that they are responding. So while you know consciously what’s going on – they may not – but their body will still react.

Once you get good at telepathic sex, your 15 min work break could take on a whole new meaning!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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  1. Aunt Jackie

    Oh Allie. I love the way you explain things, you are fantastic.

    Hey Celebs huh that you have “at least made eye contact with in this life”. That means I can do it with SLASH!!! Yummmy oh boy.

    Slash you’re gonna get it… hehe 😉

    I’m playing, he might still reject me.

    I should focus my energies on doing little experiments on my husband rather than “Chasing Stars” hee hee.

    Great article.

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