Out Of Body Ecstasy

Out Of Body Ecstasy

I know what you’re thinking – what in the hell is Out of Body Ecstasy?

I’ll tell you what it is: It’s combining OBE (astral, dream, telepathic) with the mind, body and soul to achieve and sustain an orgasmic sex life!

Again – I know what you’re thinking — who has the time for an active sexual life?

I’m a single, self-employed mom who finds time for a sex life. If I can find it – YOU can find it.

Now stop making excuses and read on…

Out of Body Ecstasy (OBE) is a form of sexual enhancement can be done with a physical partner or by solo exploration.

What exactly is Out of Body Ecstasy (OBE) sex?

(so glad you asked)

  • It’s a form of energy enhancement
  • Sexual play
  • Erotic satisfaction
  • Involves the use of your; mind, energy fields and senses.
  • No physical parts merge, touch or copulate in any manner during an OBE experience.

Forms of OBE Sex

  • Your mind can make a telepathic connection to another human (telepathic sex),
  • Your astral body separates from your physical body during REM (dream sex)
  • Your astral body can separate from your physical body while you are awake and conscious (astral sex).

Whether or not you are in a relationship or if you are single, OBE can enhance your physical sex life by providing your senses with the stimuli needed to cause arousal and orgasmic release.

Out of Body Ecstasy can be experienced by anyone; from the novice to the advanced alike at anytime; morning, noon or night at anyplace. Such as during your daily commute, on an airplane or lying on the couch. No special skills are needed, no extra equipment required. By incorporating the techniques described in this book only a few times a week, you will discover a shift in your life that you never deemed possible. A life without drugs or costly doctor visits.

Out of Body Ecstasy offers more than explosive orgasms and anywhere, anytime sex. It can increase your sexual energy while improving your health and enhancing the quality of your life.

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