Oregon Chabazite, A Castle and Some Poems!

Oregon Chabazite, A Castle and Some Poems!

I tried for about two hours to post this – Blogger wasn’t being nice!

This session sent chills through my spine – not sure why the chills – but when I woke up the hair on my arms was standing up as well as me having goose bumps. A good sign – maybe?

I sat surrounded with my 3 crystals, holding my wand and my Oregon Chabazite. Before I tell you about the session – after the session I looked up the energy of this spirit as I had forgotten. At least now I know why it wanted to join me:

Translates our intention into a language that communicates, through all facets of our wholeness, with Creation. Evokes a state of euphoria that can lead to transcendent experiences, including altered states of consciousness and communion with/through the “language of light.” Opens clearer communication with what we understand as our “higher self,” eliminating confusion in the dialog and enhancing our understanding of what this facet of self is sharing with us.

Okay. I was immediately drawn into the light and found myself standing in from of Jesus. He smiles and kisses my forehead. Ted and Bill both arrive at my side. We are telepathically instructed to hold out our hands – palms up. We do. On each palm an “X” is cut with an unseen object. Our hands bleed. We are instructed to hold hands and sit on the ground – close our eyes. When we grab each other’s hands – I can feel the blood coursing through my hands and into them and their blood into me. My hands are hot and throbbing.

As soon as we sit – we are surrounded by an ocean of angels. Cindy is standing next to Jesus – all in white and bathed in the same white light as he. Cindy, Jesus and the angels pour light into use three – surround us and place us in a light bubble. I can sense the “blackness” being lifted out of all three of us and floating up to the heavens.

Our souls then pulled out into the center and merged into a spiral. This part is hard to describe, but when the souls became one – it entered all three of us as one soul – not 3 separate souls. Kind of like a large white, cloudy blob sinking into all three of us simultaneously.

We open our eyes and us three are sitting on a walking path. We are dressed like we are today. We look at our hands – they are fine – no cuts. None of us know where we are. Over the path as far as we can see in either direction are massive trees that arch over and connect with the tree on the other side of the path. The trees are in bloom with white and pink flowers or buds. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. We go up the path, round a corner to the left and come upon a castle. Very large, very old and made of stone. We are entering through the back entrance to a courtyard. None of us know this castle.

We are in a large bedroom – with a HUGE bed – 4 poster, canopy, silk or satin sheets with a thick bedspread. This is our room – all three of us. It is richly decorated. Red velvet. Mirrors. Tapestries. All three of us are looking around in shock. I go to the mirror and my hair is pulled back – I have on little make-up. I am in nice slacks and a blouse. I have on my 3 stone pendant. I’m in shoes with a slight heel. Now since I don’t wear heels of any kind (hate them) to me this is the oddest part – me in heels.

We descend down a flight of stone steps – maybe about 10 and approach a large wooden door. We open it and it’s a clinic. A healing clinic – our clinic and we have patients waiting for us. A woman comes up and hands me a stack of phone messages – something about the Guardian wanting to talk to me (I believe this is a British newspaper, similar to our NY Times). We kind of stand there in shock. I see Brigit far down at the end of a hall. I walk to her – calling out her name. She doesn’t say a word. She points and I know it’s my office.

On the way to the office I see crystals/stones everywhere – in the lobby, offices, in the examination rooms (along with jars of herbs). I look at Brigit and ask her what is going on. She smiles at me – blows me a kiss and disappears.

I wake up.

For better or worse, I had some poetic inspiration last night:

In my heart
I am searching for the words
–the right words
To let you know that I care.

But the words will not flow
As easily as I need
And I watch you walk past
Out the door
Into the night

And out of my life


Will you remember the color of my eyes
The softness of my lips
The tenderness of your words
As they drift from your mouth to my ear?

Can you remember the lifetimes of love?
–of laughter?
–of friendship?

Or are your fragments of memory
Tainted with the many moons that we have been separated
Through time
With a long distance
That makes the conscious forget
What the soul eternally remembers.

When the past threatens to consume the present,
What will you do?
Or surrender to the calling?

Do not think about it too much
Or analyze the possibilities
Just let your soul remember
And be happy
For I know I will be
Full of happiness and eternally grateful
That the past joined the present.

Do you remember the baby that was born to the brain-dead woman? She died over the weekend of an infection. The mother – Susan came to me in a dream about a week ago. I could only remember bits – but she said – let her go. I didn’t know what that meant. Then over the weekend I spent time – during my dreams – in a hospital (I remember in fragments). I put two and two together when I read the article. I wish visions didn’t have to be a puzzle all the time – why can’t I just see things like they do on TV or in the movies? It sure would save on the confusion.

Until later….

Crystal Sunshine!

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