Orange Energy Sex Exercise!

Orange Energy Sex Exercise!

I’m adamant to the fact that when your sexual energy is down, you need to add more orange energy to your life. I’m helping a couple reconnect after a period of having a sexless relationship. They are both in very stressful jobs and find it difficult to muster up any sexual advances once they make it home. After each trying this next exercise every morning and night for several days – they have reported to me that their sexual energy is improving. Long from being out of the woods – they are at least headed in the right direction. So whether in a relationship, or flying solo, try this next tip to increase your sensual & sexual energy!

Orange Ball Energy Sex

1. Relax, be comfortably, and close your eyes.

2. Focus in on your solar plexus (directly below the sternum and over the stomach). See the energy portal that is in the solar plexus – it should be some shade of orange.

3. Imagine over your solar plexus, a vibrant orange ball hovers. Imagine this orange ball to be as bold, bright and as electric as you can imagine.

4. Once you have the energy ball in your mind, hold it there for 30 seconds.

5. Imagine the orange energy ball passing into the portal of your solar plexus, through your body, and out the portal in your back. FEEL the energy ball go through — this is actually more important than you SEEING it go through. After some practice you will be able to do both.

6. Pass the energy ball through your solar plexus portal for 3 – 5 minutes. If you are seeing it happen as well as you are feeling it – you’ll notice that the solar plexus energy portal will slowly shift to a more vibrant orange.

7. Do this twice a day for a week. You should notice a slight increase in your sexual energy the first day

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