If you’re in need of protection or some defense against negativity aimed consciously towards you – let onyx lend a hand!


1 Square Mirror
1 Purple candle w/candlestick
9 Onyx


Set the SQUARE MIRROR on a shelf or someplace where it will not be disturbed.

Place the PURPLE CANDLE in front of the MIRROR – so that when it’s lit, the flame reflects in the mirror.

Take the 1st ONYX and place it 3 in from the CANDLE’S right side. Then place the 8 ONYX in a semicircle around the CANDLE – working from right to left – until the CANDLE is half-ringed towards you (not angled in front of the MIRROR).

Light the PURPLE CANDLE. Sit back and imagine the ONYX collecting the negativity and then sending it into the candle’s flame. Then imagine the flame acting like a transmitter and sending the negativity into the mirror.

The mirror is a portal to the spiritual plane. When you send the negativity into the mirror – you send it back to the originator. You are protected.

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