One Spirit Guide Gone, Three New Spirit Guides Arrive!

One Spirit Guide Gone, Three New Spirit Guides Arrive!

Wow! I was directed to have my session now and with my healing wand. I’m typing this after the fact, so I hope that I can get it all down.

I’m taken to Jezell where she tells me that her time with me is now over. She is to move on to show the light to another. I ask her if I will ever see her again and she says yes for she is eternal. I go to ask her who will help me now but she is gone – just like that. I see a bright light, blinding almost, and stepping from it is Galadriel, my Elemental fairy from the woods. She looks glorious, simply breathtaking, showered in the white light. Her wings shimmer as if sunlight is hitting freshly fallen snow. As she walks towards me, she morphs from a fairy into a human form. I’m a bit shocked, which must show on her face by the way she smiles, as she is now almost 6 feet tall.

She tells me that she is what we call a Ascended Master and is as old as time itself. She is also a shape shifter and she shows me as she morphs again into an all white, large cat, and then back again. She is here to take me into the next level – her job is to provide focus and manifestation. The foundation that I have laid will come to serve me well. I will be very busy over the next three months and it is important that I push myself. That in a blink of an eye the three months will be over and I will emerge from my self-created cocoon a different person. I will have much to offer and will have a peace about me. Over these three months many things will manifest in regards to my connections. I must stay focused though on the task at hand and complete my cocoon stage. I may have a social life and travel, but I must remain steadfast in my three month mission. Much love and support is around me in the form of three women who will help guide me through the three months. All are earthbound, although one is heavenly. It is important that I do not question their wisdom, as they were brought to me to help me through this transition. It will be in my nature to put up an argument, but that I must trust and follow their lead. Ask the old soul for guidance for she is your connecting force for the triad.

Galadriel goes on to say that I also must develop my healing abilities over the next three months. I will be called upon to use them in an important matter, and my confidence must be of the highest. I am an old soul, an ancient one and there is much knowledge and power buried deep within. To help me with this, my two guides Winter Princess and Magic Dancer will help. They will protect me from the negativity that surrounds me at every turn and will only work together, along with my own energy, to allow only good light in to my soul. I ask who is Mokani? I am told this he is a shaman who will come to me when I am ready to embark on my path. But in order for he to show, I must focus and work hard. Although this is my destiny, it is nothing that is given to me outright, I have to show that my human shell is worthy to unlock my soul’s potential.

I nod my head towards Winter and Magic and they nod back and smile. Both are in Indian dress, Winter is much older with gray hair, braided, but loosely while Magic is a young teen, with her black hair in one tight braid. They show me two piles of herbs – Mugwort and Basil – I am to use both these next three months. I am then shown my 3 stone pendant – as it is now – I am told to fix it and wear it today.

I ask about Hanna, is she still here? Galadriel assures me that she is — she has to be as she is the one who will help me stay in the present. Galadriel will help me with the manifestation and the focus in on the work at hand.

I tell Galadriel that in a way she reminds me of Bill’s guide, Catherine, that I met in the crystal cave once. She smiles — I should she says for I am her and she is me. We are one, spilt into three to serve. Three? Where is the other? You know she says, Guinevere is with Ted. I ask – Guinevere as in with King Arthur, Guinevere? She nods. Why do you think Merlin has taken such a fondness for you? I ask about Catherine. Again, Galadriel smiles – you know, she says. Catherine the Great — I ask?? She nods. But this woman I saw had blond hair. She laughs, physical features are irrelevant. We are bodies of energy and take form in what we deem will be pleasant for you.

I ask if Jezell has moved forward to help Ted. She tells me to stop asking and second guessing myself. The first answer I hear is the correct one.

She, Winter and Magic fade from view with the assurance that they are all around – all the time.

And I am done!

Wow — what a load of information for me to process! The self-imposed cocoon and the fact that a butterfly is one of my animal guides — very interesting and comforting.

I’d better run, I still have my podcast to do (and a pendant to fix)!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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