On Golden Pond With Will!

On Golden Pond With Will!

Man — what a night of what I can remember. As I fell asleep last evening, I programmed myself to take me to Will. As I fell and landed into slumber, I could hear him saying he’s waiting.

Back at the same lake. It reminds me of the setting from “On Golden Pond” – so nice and tranquil. Will was there waiting, in a tux of all things. He looked very handsome. I told him that I think he may be overdressed. In the blink of an eye he’s in jeans, a sweater and boots — perfect. I have no idea what we had to eat, except that there was a lot of food. I actually woke up not hungry — which is really unheard of.

Next thing I know we are walking down a street in NYC, looking at Broadway. He commenting on some shows. We move to in front of a very plush window dressing — and I trip, he catches me and I honestly thought (and hoped) that he would kiss me but instead he wrapped his arms around me tight and said how happy he was that I’m here.

Back at the lake. We are discussing Bill and Ted. He wants to know everything — every little detail. I tell him I think everything (I say I think because it’s hard to remember the whole conversation) and he comments something to the effect about not letting me go. That struck a nerve on me and I jumped all over him about not him too about all this male crap about you’re mine — yadda…. He quickly calms me down (while commenting it’s nice to see that I still have fire in my belly – LOL) — and says that he will never hold me back, make me feel like crap if and when I would have to choose someone. He said his only job is to make sure he does everything in his power to have me choose him. And if he fails, then he’ll try again in the next lifetime.

Now he kisses me — Lord have mercy……(sigh) and I can remember some physical involvement, the sound of his jeans being unzipped and then — my cat woke me up!

I’ll be traveling a lot today to visit family, we’ll see if he makes telepathic contact:)

What I find interesting is that there are no signs of Bill and Ted — which I find beyond odd for this time of year.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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