Oh We Of Little Faith, Intention And Trust!

Oh We Of Little Faith, Intention And Trust!

I went to raise my energy for today’s session and wouldn’t you know that Ted just appeared next to me, with that grin on his face — and took a nibble of my neck. Now, if there is one place on me where I can lose any sense or sensibility, it’s at the base of my neck. Tricky bastard, he can be Extremely Dangerous! After a zap of energy ran down my spine, he whispers a “see you later” and disappears. Like it wasn’t hot enough here in Ohio — now for sure I’m going to need to cool down with a cold shower!

I enter the session at the boulder. I move into the ice cold water of the stream and lay down, it feels so refreshing against my skin. My eyes are closed and I’m there, just enjoying the pleasure of it all. I hear a splash and Ted lies down next to me in the stream. I ask him – why did you do that? He laughs — to see if I could. HA! So I call him a tricky bastard and you know what he says — you haven’t seen anything yet.


I hear a high pitch tone in my left ear. I get up to see what it could be, Ted stays put. I follow the sound over to the cave. It’s very dark and has that musty smell to it. I know that I’m supposed to go in there, but I can’t see and I ram my foot into a rock. I hear a voice say – light the way. Not knowing what or how – I ask. I hear the same sentence again. Something inside me just knows what they are talking about and I summon light from the Divine. Within moments, I have a brilliant white light surrounding me, and it lights my way. I run into a large congregation of balloons. They are floating about me with strings attached to them. I push my way through and stop at a fork in my path. To the left it is smooth – to the right it is jagged. Although I normally always pick the right in anything, I went to the left. The floor beneath my bare feet feel like silk – but it is a very fine sand. I follow this path, with it’s few turns and wind up at Ted’s house. I look around and I do not hear anyone – but my instinct tells me to go to another room. Here I can see a portrait of me on a wall above the fireplace. It’s quite good as it looks like me and I look happy. I poke around a bit more and I find a studio. So many pictures – such talent. I hear a movement behind me and it’s Brigit.

We say our hellos. She asks me if I had a hard time getting here? I told her no I didn’t. She asked about seeing where I was going and picking the path. I related my story (although I knew she already knew) and she asks if it has dawned on me? I look at her and reply – you mean going outside my comfort zone and my channeling the light of the Divine with trusting my inner faith I am able to guide myself down my path – without many hassles or problems? She nods.

I know I say — us humans have a hard time of just having faith — not only in our destiny and the Divine, but in ourselves. Brigit says – you are not supposed to have to work so hard. Put your intention out there, and have faith that all will be taken care of. Life should be 90% faith, 10% work, not the other way around.

I agree. She tells me that I need to get back. Today’s the 17th and I should be getting a message today.

With that I was done.

Message? I sure hope it is a good message!

I gave a lot of thought to many things over the weekend:

1) Leann. In regards to your comment the other day about finally finding someone after you made the decision to move back home. This got me thinking – have you ever noticed how things finally happen to us when we are not thinking so much about them? This is because we have finally released our desires into the Divine and they are taking care of it. Enjoy this relationship for it has been Divinely connected. What about moving home? This relationship has happened for a reason. Think about it.

This is really a good lesson for all of us. About being chained at the hip to an outcome we so desperately desire. Let it go and allow the miracles of the Divine take over.

2) My books about Kyra the teenage gypsy. I may make her my age – after all, write what you know — right? I keep thinking about all of the magical heroines that are out there for older teens and young adults. Although there are many ones for adults – there are not as many. I don’t know – just don’t know. Food for thought.

3) I’m going to expand my message board this fall. Right now I only have a spot for scams. But I’m going to make way for magic/spell help, divination help, soul mates, dreams, angels and guides.

4) Ted was everywhere this weekend. I mean all over the darn place. Without me searching for him. A sign? I’d like to think so.

5) My life. I need to take my own advice – period.

And on that note — back to work I go!

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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