Off To MI, Spider Sense Is On High Alert!

Off To MI, Spider Sense Is On High Alert!

My headache has been full tilt all week. It has just been nuts. I know that Will is not “in” my energy like he’s my astral body — but he is still very much here. And I mean he has zoned in big time. I have no idea what he’s doing – but it’s something that has me under consideration.

That said – my spider sense is on high alert. I know this weekend will bring a love into my life. I just know it with every sense that I have. I have been seeing me walking around the corner and my heart stopping in my throat. It’s a vision that I’ve had repeatedly all week long. I have no idea who I am running into or being introduced to – but it is someone who will take my breath away. It’s a major – holy shit – happening.

And no – I honestly have no idea if it is Will. I mean – what would he be doing at a hoedown in Detroit? But I asked the universe to please send me someone as I’m tired of being alone. And if Will doesn’t want to step up – then please send someone. I’ve been alone for over 10 years and I’m tired of it. Just because I was divorced only last year doesn’t make me alone for only a year — trust me, my ex and I have been apart for a very long time. I think that’s why I was so surprised that my son was conceived. I was like – how’d that happen – lol.

It’s also not Bill, Ted, Matt or even Sawyer who I will run into:) And BTW — Heath and I have come to a mutual satisfying resolve about him popping in and out to chat.

Any ways – heading out the door now to go to my niece’s 4th b-day party and then it’s off to MI. I’ll have the crackberry with me – so when I’m swept off my feet, I’ll tell you about it — much later:)

If all else fails and there’s no love this weekend — I still know that I’ll have a good weekend as I’ll be spending it with people I both like and respect — and I know they return the feelings.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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