Odd Session with Lemuria and a Black Void.

Odd Session with Lemuria and a Black Void.

This was one very weird session. Odd. Odd. Odd. And boy, when it was over I came out of it with one whopper of a headache. Thankfully – it didn’t last long!

I only sat with my wand today. I kept hearing a voice telling me to sit solo – but I didn’t want to. So then I hear that this will be the last time with the wand.

I enter into blackness – like a void. I’m without a body – just an energy blob floating around. I start to see stars and then many planets. I feel a presence beside me. But I cannot see anyone. The atmosphere is very dense – almost to a point when one could get smashed by the pressure. I guess it is a good thing that I don’t have a body. There is a voice that says – you don’t belong here. You’re not ready.

I get yanked back and shoved into my body. Next thing I know I am face down in a bed of flowers. I get up, and brush myself off. Looking down at myself, I can see that I’m in a light purple or violet robe with bare feet. I look up and I can see a trio of young girls running towards me – and they start brushing me off. I’m thinking – what the?

I flash to where I am standing at the threshold of the opening of a large building – a temple maybe? I’m high up, over the people below. I look down and Bill and Ted are both there on one knee – as if they are in service to me. I can sense Cindy off to my right – all in white – with a large scroll in her hands. It contains something of importance.

Then I’m inside this place – and I have a semi-circle altar (reminds me of a command post) with raised symbols and crystal/stones. There are a group of people behind me – waiting for me to do something. A young girl hand me an empty crystal vial. I glace over to my right and there are rows and rows of crystal bowls. I look in a few and they have water in them – but I know that they have been charged in some way – and all differently for different purposes.

I can see myself simultaneously in two worlds. Here – which I intuitively know is Lemuria and then in Atlantis. I see two of me working – healing….it’s like I’m alive at both places at once. It’s really hard to explain. But each of me was having a vision of me. That’s enough to drive you crazy – isn’t it?

Now I’m getting up out of a huge bed. A girl comes over and places a garment – robe around me – as I slept naked. The bed is in the back of this modest size room – with a window next to it. Sunlight is streaming in. I make my way through the L-shaped room towards the door when I feel a hand yank me out of me. So now I’m watching me leave.

I look to see who did that and it’s Clive! I ask him what’s going on? He’s says I’m it. I’m what I ask? Royalty. I’m what -a queen? He shakes his head – no. But I might as well be. Everyone hinges their lives on what I say or see really. That’s too much power for anyone – he agrees. I ask how do I do? He says very well – I die nobly. Or actually I’m killed – but I knew it was coming and I told them to go ahead – I’ll only come back more powerful. They stuck some sort of lighting rod into me.

Okay – so I ask him about Atlantis. Is that going on now to? He says no. That’s my next life. And I was right – I did get more powerful. He gives me a kiss on the forehead and tells me to get back to work.

I wake up with that headache.

Yeah – I’m confused here. I’ll sort it all out somehow. There’s a reason why now of all times these messages are coming through. I guess time will tell – won’t it?

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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