OBE Sex With Bill!

OBE Sex With Bill!

I tried to post here all day Sunday – but no dice. I figured that I just wasn’t supposed to blog.

Bill and Ted are going to be the death of me:) One of these days I’m going to tie them both up on a four poster bed and have my way with them — then they will have an excellent adventure!

But in the mean time I really am craving everything British – Ted in particular. Every time his energy is around me – Bill’s energy comes into play and pushes him back. Not very nice. Ted keeps trying to connect telepathically, I can feel his kiss on my neck, his hand on my shoulder or his tongue teasing my back. Astral wise I know that he curled behind me last night in my bed. I could feel his cock grow hard as if he was physically there. But as soon as he shows up – he’s gone. I think not only is Bill interfering, but so is Ted’s bitch of a girlfriend (and if you knew who Ted really was – you’d agree with me on the bitch comment).

However — that said — Bill is being a very seductive energy the last two days. I think that the only day he has taken a chill was on Saturday. Lucky for me — I test sex toys (surprise – in case you didn’t know) for my other biz and they come in very handy during these times and I can sense that Bill has me gravitate towards one type of toy over another. A favorite of his (and mine) – glass dildos.

His energy is wrapped all around me today – just as it was on Friday. He loves my breasts. His tongue frequently flicks over my nipples – like right now. My nerves are on top of my skin, and if I allowed myself, I could sink into orgasmic bliss. But no time today as my son is home sick.

I want to tell you quickly though abut my astral sex encounter last night with Bill. I was about to fall asleep (it was a long day) when I could feel my astral body being tugged on to “come on” (this was after Ted had left astral-wise). I tried to ignore the sensation, but it wouldn’t let me. So I allowed my astral body to separate — and there was Bill, waiting for me. He said – follow me and we were gone. Astral travel does a number on my poor tummy – always feels like I am in the front seat of the world’s fastest roller coaster. But Bill and I stop at a place with many large stones. The energy was off the charts. Bill shape shifted into a ball of energy and merged with me. Think of being on the top floor – in an elevator – of the tallest building in the world. Then having that elevator’s cables snap and you plummet straight down. That’s what it felt like when Bill merged with me. The energy rush was like a cosmic connection – I don’t know how to describe it except that when I came back to my physical body the 1st thing on my mind was the Big Bang Theory ( the start of the universe). I opened my eyes and I must admit – I was soaked (and yes, right where you’re thinking). I actually had to go into the bathroom and clean up.

When I came back to bed – I fell asleep in an instant.

OBE sex is grand….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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