I’m trying to make it on 4 hours a sleep– it’s not working. I almost took a nap today but didn’t have the energy to move the cats out of my way. I know — pathetic — but yet it’s true. I have about another 600 emails to wade through so if your email is in the black hole of my inbox, I’ll try to get back to you before I turn 41 and just so you know — I’ll be 40 on Wednesday.

As I was packing to head back home, I couldn’t find my iPod. I looked for that darn thing all over the room – inside and out of my suitcase, purse, the bathroom, in drawers — everywhere. It was no where to be found. I told my roomies that someone (in the spiritual sense) moved it and when they’re ready to give it back I’ll find it. About an hour later I had an inkling to check under the lid of the open suitcase — and there it was. The song it was playing (it was off when I lost it and the last song was no where near this one) — Chances Are. Bill. I should of known. He has been there on the fringes of my energy field for weeks now. Not really saying much, not interfering at all — but just hanging around watching and waiting. Not sure what he’s waiting for — but seeing that it’s Bill I’m talking about it doesn’t surprise me. He loves to overthink everything. I wonder how long it takes him to make a decision on what to order in a restaurant?

I washed off all the crystals today. Some of them are beautiful – others, well let’s just say only a mother could love them:) Good thing I’m their caretaker or they probably would have been discarded. What can I say? I love stones:) I did find a great deal on a crystal/glass ball – a REAL good deal. So this baby looks very cool in my office and I do love gazing into it. I also found a good deal on a selenite wand. In case you do not know what selenite is good for, it can be used to strengthen telepathic connections, access past and future lives and can cut through all the crap and bring awareness into a situation. I wasn’t going to get it, but it kept calling me. So there you go:)

I never did finish the whole Will, erotic, bath-time story did I? Well — this was such a vivid dream that I still remember the details a week later:) We were in this huge bathroom with a claw-foot tub. The bath had a set of long double doors that were wide open to let a wonderful breeze circulate through the room. The room had a combination scent of honeysuckle and lilac. It was like the winds would alternate which scent it would bring into the room — it was lovely. I’m in a white silk robe that came down mid-thigh — nothing on underneath. He too had on a silk robe and nothing else. The tub was full of bubble bath and beside the tub was a metal table with champagne, strawberries and cream.

Will slid in the tub first and instructed me to slide in with my back facing him. I poured the champagne, gave us each a glass. I leaned and rested on Will’s chest. He would scoop up the strawberries, trail them through the cream and feed them to me. Wow — it was awesome. He wouldn’t let me feed him at all — he said that it was my turn and I didn’t complain. He poured the best smelling peach shampoo I have ever smelled, on my hair. I thought that I was going to sink all the way down in the tub with the way his strong finger tips massaged my head. I could have had him do that forever. Shampoo finished, conditioner put in and rinsed — then it was time to wash my body — Sweet Home Alabama — his hands are sheer magic. No matter what part of me he cleaned, his touch was like fire. I started to wonder if there was a mud puddle around just so I could get all dirty to repeat this process. By the time our bath time was over — there was more water on the floor than in the tub!

Yes — I could get very explicit if I wanted to — but this blog isn’t the place for it. I’m seriously considering starting an OBE sex blog just so I can be more detailed about what happens. I can write it — I have no problems there — it’s the offending people part I’m trying to avoid — about sex that is since this isn’t a “sex” blog. So — a definite consideration is the OBE sex blog — watch this space!

Speaking of the OBE sex (telepathic, astral and dream sex) I told a few people about the book I’m writing and they were pretty damn excited about it:) Fingers crossed that I can get this done sooner rather than later:)

Will did hang around the entire weekend. But this telepathic sex was down and hungry like. I would sit there staring out the car (or airplane) window and all of a sudden the telepathic connection of his lips devouring mine kept coming into play. But his passion didn’t stop with the lips – oh no – every part of him was on fire and it was like he could not get enough. Very – very intense.

Speaking of intense — it’s time for me to start to get ready for the L word chat:) Have you been to Second Life and joined in on the chat? If you haven’t you should:)

Catch you later…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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