OBE Sex and Singlehood

OBE Sex and Singlehood

OBE sex (telepathic, dream, astral) is a great way for a single gal or guy to feel the erotic high of sexual release without picking up “date” at a single’s bar. With OBE sex there is no fear of an STD, HIV, or pregnancy. It’s an energy high through and through with the same health benefits as physical sex. It still lower stress, betters the immune system, provides for a more restful sleeps, and heightens the energy field for manifestation.

Some of the same rules apply to OBE sex as physical sex:

  1. No means no. If you feel resistance, stop the connection immediately.
  2. Be careful who you are intimate with as sex is an energy exchange.

Finding An OBE Sex Partner

  1. This applies to telepathic, dream, and astral sex.
  2. What type of person/energy do you want to attract (remember #2 above). Sketch out what you find sexy or attractive in him or her.
  3. Think of the attributes of the energy as you close your eyes and telepathically connect, fall asleep and dream ,or astral travel.
  4. With the billions of energy forms out there – in physical form and not – you will connect with an energy that closely if not exactly matches what you want.

If you like the way he/she made you feel, the next time you connect, you can hone in on their energy instead of the attributes.

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