OBE Sex Protection – And No, It's Not Condoms!

OBE Sex Protection – And No, It's Not Condoms!

The last 12 hours or so, Will has been kissing my neck – energy wise. But I don’t think he knows he’s doing it. Because it’s random – where in my neck he kisses and the sporadic nature of it just isn’t the conscious norm of him. He’s very matter-of-fact when he knows he’s doing something. But I do know it’s him. He, Bill and Ted have their own energy feel to them and with that – they always feel different, even if it’s a slight difference. With Will, any time he touches me or his energy is around me, it is a warm, loving feelings. There is never anything harsh, depressive or neutral to him – unlike the other two. And it can’t be anyone but those three and Matt, because I’ve locked out everyone else.

So how do you do that? Lock out other unwanted energies from hitting on you for OBE sex? I’m going to go more in more detail with what to do in my class April 2nd:

But here’s the basic plan:

1. Imagine a wall growing up out of the ground, surrounding you, and climbing until it reaches over your head and locks together. So that you are in encased in an upside down energy test tube (for lack of a better way to describe it). This wall can be out of any material you like – I personally like a nice thick ice wall so that light can still shine through.

2. Now in this wall you can cut doors for as many people that you would like to let through – I have 4.

3. Over each door, put something that is characteristic to each energy that is allowed to come to you. For me – since I know their names – that is what graces each doorway. When you are imagining whatever characteristic it is over each door, really imagine that soul’s energy and allow the emotions that this particular energy brings you to permeate your body. Once those intense feelings are gone – you know that the doorway is programmed for that energy only to pass through.

4. If someone falls out of favor with you – then you can tear down their door. Or if someone else comes along later- you can add their door.

It’s a very effective technique that has yet to let me down. I find that it works the best for telepathic sex – although it hasn’t failed in either astral or dream sex. However in astral or dream sex I simply tell a person or energy to leave me alone and that normally works. If it doesn’t, that’s when I throw up the wall around me and block them out.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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