OBE Sex: OBE Sex Ethics and More!

OBE Sex: OBE Sex Ethics and More!

Long time no see! College and the Sex Coaching Institute have both been keeping me extra busy! Love both – am learning a lot. Even though I’ve been sex coaching for awhile now I thought it would be a good idea to be certified. I’m having a blast.

A couple of weeks ago I was on the show Beyond Worlds. Had a great time talking about OBE Sex. Like always – there are people who don’t beleieve that this is something that is real — and don’t think that you should ask permission first.

I can understand the not real part. Hell, I was a skeptic too until I could keep repeating my results. Still skeptical – I taught other people how to have OBE sex — once they started having repeat results — only then did I truly beleive. I’m a skeptic at heart – something has to be proved to me over and over again before I take it as a possiblity.

But I don’t get the not asking part. Why in the world would you help yourself to someone’s energy first without asking? Would you help yourself to someone’s physical body without getting permission first? God I hope not. Just because OBE sex is energy sex and not physical sex doesn’t make it right to be inconsiderate, rude or invasive.

There are 3 Basic Ethics in OBE Sex:

1) Never approach anyone you do not know. This includes celebrities.
2) Ask permission if you can engage in OBE sex.
3) If they say “NO”,you respect it as you would in the physical world. Disconnect immediately.

It’s up to you if you follow the basic ethics or not. But it is good to note that what goes around comes around – the law of karma stands.

There are going to be some big changes coming up here at Out of Body Ecstasy. I’m pretty excited! There will be forums and a way for like-minded people to hook up. It’s all good. Keep an eye on the site for the changes.

I would LOVE for you guys to post your experiences — or have me post them for you. If you want to post, send me an email.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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