OBE Sex: OBE Diet and Allie Theiss Show!

OBE Sex: OBE Diet and Allie Theiss Show!

In case you do not read my Allie’s Two Cents blog or listen to the Ask Allie Podcast – I have a new radio show – Allie Theiss Show from 8 pm – 10 pm ET on Blogtalkradio. Since my major interests equal anything paranormal, metaphysical or sexual – there will be a wide range of topics and guests. If you have suggestions on guests or topics – make sure you email me.

When someone contacts me that they are having problems experiencing OBE sex I ask them three questions:

1) Do you honestly believe that OBE sex is possible? If yes….
2) Have you tried to experience OBE sex more than 10 times with no improvements after each attempt? If yes…or a maybe…
3) How is your diet? Do you eat a lot of meat – especially red meat and processed food? If the answer is yes…

Diet is important in regards to OBE (as in out of body experiences) as well as OBE sex.

Red meat grounds you. It shifts your energy so that it is heavy and drags. You can’t OBE with energy like that. You shouldn’t eat it at least 24 hours before you attempt OBE.

Processed foods – especially those with GMO (gentically modified organisms) which include popular frozen foods, breakfast foods and boxed food. Add to that processed meats such as bologna or salami. This keeps your energy down for days after only one serving by “eating” holes in your energy field. You need to stay away from these foods at least 72 hours before attempting OBE.

Excess alcohol and drugs (both over the counter and prescribed) weigh you down too.

A good diet for OBE and OBE sex consists of a steady supply of water and locally bought fresh fruit and vegetables. Organic foods when possible and if you want to eat meat – chicken or turkey.

So the next time you try OBE and have a problem achieving success – check your diet and make some modifications. Wait 72 hrs and try again!

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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