OBE Sex, Moldavite Madness, Telepathic Foreplay!

OBE Sex, Moldavite Madness, Telepathic Foreplay!

OBE Sex – now I know last week I had to decrease my sexual energy because it was way to much out there – even for me. But stick with me.

I had a feeling that my friend Sean and I were going to have another OBE sex experiment. To prepare for it – I decided to come up with an oil to not only make the OBE connection stronger, but to give it more juice. I know – sometimes I’m a bit crazy – aren’t I?

My first thought was that I had some really small Moldavite’s here that weren’t being used – -then I mulled over what oils I had and decided to use: Mugwort, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine. Patchouli with a base oil of Almond.

Moldavite Madness

1/8 cup Almond Oil
9 drops Mugwort
6 drops Ylang Ylang
6 drops Patchouli
3 drops Jasmine
1 Moldavite chip (very small stone – trust me – larger is just too much energy)

Mix all together by swirling the liquid after each add. If you don’t use it all – store in a dark bottle (with a cap) away from sunlight and heat.

Places to apply:

Astral & Dream Sex: Middle of your feet and your palms, third eye, top of your skull
Telepathic Sex: Middle of your feet and your palms, third eye, above the top of each of your ear lobes…right on your skull

I applied it for telepathic sex and waited to hear what Sean would say. Sure enough when I said it was time for my shower – he said he was going to jump in and help:)

While I was taking off my clothes to get in the shower – I could feel someone behind me – I turned around twice, knowing full well no one was there — but still.

I could feel Sean walk up behind me, wrap his arms around my body and kiss my neck. My immediate response was to push backwards and grind my butt into his cock. The harder I pushed, the more intense his kisses got – the more manipulative his hands were on my breasts.

As I got into the shower I could feel him playing with my left nipple. Without thinking my hand reached out to grab his head and pull him closer. As I reached my hand out – my logical brain kicked in and said – he’s not physically here – reach out with your mind…so I did.

The back and forth – playing lasted the whole shower. When I got out there was already an IM message for me. He said he could feel everything (the words he used were a bit more explicit mind you ). We talked about the experience and he said “it was so dreamy”. That’s the way many people (incluing myself) describe it – like a very intense day dream – hence the dreaminess. He also said that he couldn’t help but be vocal during the telepathic sex – it felt so physically real.

Yep — I understand:)

So it appears that this oil not only made the connection stronger for me – but also for him.

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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