The new OBE sex blogger will be here next week! She’s at a sex conference in Europe right now — but that’s ok because she’s worth the wait!

Had an idea for a local fair in 2012 – preferably in Feb before Valentines Day…a fair about love and relationships. Attendees could visit vendors – go to workshops about spicing up a relationship, strengthening a relationship, dating, online dating, sex, etc…There would be experts on love, sex, romance and dating (therapists, counselors, coaches, authors) along with psychics and vendors that have products/services related to love/relationships. There would be a set number of each category allowed in – so maybe at 1st 5 counselors, 5 coaches, 4 romance party reps, 5 authors, 5 stores, 5 fetish (swingers, BDSM, etc..) groups/clubs, 10 psychics…..and as the fair grows so do the amount of each category I allow in. Love, sex, relationship & romance workshops. What do you think?I have no idea how to set up something like this. I tried to find a web site or book that could give me some info — no such luck. I have just under 8 months to plan this if it’s something that I should do. Before you ask — of course I’m going to do a class on OBE sex at this expo! Any suggestions – email me

OBE Sex Grid

Create this grid in the area you wish to engage in OBE sex. Doesn’t matter if it’s under your bed, around your couch, outside or on our floor. Just as long as it’s not disturbed during OBE sex.

Mugwort (yes, the herb)
6 Carnelian
9 Crystals (clear or white – not rose or smoky)

Yes – it does say “69” above. 69 – yin/yang – male/female is a strong sexual number.

Around your place for OBE sex:
– Sprinkle a circle of Mugwort
– Next evenly space the 6 Carnelian outside of the Mugwort
– Finally evenly space the 9 Crystals outside the Carnelian.

Now YOU are in the middle. Have fun!

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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