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  1. Tia

    I have had one such astral sex experience a few years back. I was asleep and strangely enough I could feel someone there but could not see a face. I remember waking up in an intense orgasm like I had never felt before. During this intense orgasm I was disorientated by the convulsion of my body but quickly noticed my boyfriend sound asleep next to me and realized I was in bed. I tried to recall who I was dreaming about figuring it was a wet dream but the intensity of it was far more than just a dream. Interestingly enough I have not had another experience like that again and am sort of glad. If I continued to experience that on a regular basis, I think I would never have physical sex again! No comparison!!!

  2. Allie Theiss

    LOL – Tia. I know — having an encounter like that is so intense! I’m so happy you were able to experience this and were happy with the experience! With practice, you can actually engage in dream or astral sex on command. So if you wanted to engage in it again, every once in a while, you could do just that!

  3. Anonymous

    Hello Allie,
    First- gratitude, gratitude for your site!  Now that my first question (“am I insane”?) has been aswered, I’m looking for further explanation for what I’ve been experiencing.  About a month ago, I felt “called” to offer distance healing on a celebrity who I just couldn’t shake from my head.  As I usually could care less about celebrities, I took a few days and sat with the experience and finally decided I could at least offer some distance work and see if- by a longshot- he’d even accept/consent.  I was surprised that the connection was there as soon as I offered, but proceeded with the session.  I also noticed a lot of affection during the session, and towards the end some sexual energy that alarmed me.  Then when I closed the session, I had the feeling that he wasn’t released from my energy field- something I’d never had with any of my previous healing encounters.  My curiosity was piqued, so I offered again, and once again found some boundary pushing, increased sexual energy, and lasting connections.  I noticed that I could “feel” him, his moods, connection and affection, visions of where he was, even when he smoked a cigarette, throughout the day.  After more encounters in which I was finally clear that he was more interested in this “other stuff” and was declining my offers for energy healing, I hung up my professional hat and let it happen, and it did.  It’s now pretty ongoing- he “calls” me throughout the day, sometimes pretty insistently, and during the night.  We communicate during our encounters, there’s a lot of support between us- I’ve felt benefits from the connection and information we share, so it’s not just “bow chicka bow wow.”  I’ve also gotten the confirmation that we have a past life connection (I was slow on the uptake with that one) and contracted with each other to meet up this way, at this time. My question is, since he was the initiator of this whole thing, how much “real life” awareness does he have? Would he have any clue that he knocks on my psychic door multiple times a day for sex and support?  I would never dream of trying to make “real world” contact, by the way.  Besides, I feel pretty complete with this cool helping each other out thing just as it stands with the exception of my question, which keeps me up and wondering.  Thanks for your feedback!

    1. Anonymous

      Hey Cmeg42:)

      I’m so glad that my blog and this forum has been able to help you along your path! Getting involved with OBE on any level at first can be very daunting and quite franking – pushes us to think we’re flipin` crazy. That’s why I started years ago to post my experiences – I didn’t want people to know that they were alone. 

      Now in regards to your situation:) It spurred on a topic for my podcast: Telepathic Sex with a Celebrity: https://allietheiss.com/amore-obe-telepathic-sex-with-a-celebrity/ where I talked a bit about “real life” awareness. 

      Keep up the good work!!
      Allie 🙂 

    2. Momluvshilary

      Hi I’m sherry- I had a weird thing happen- I was sitting on my couch one morning after work n it felt like someone came up to me and just laid a big kiss on me- soft n slow? Since you are so connected could you tell me who that is? Also my email is down right now- but I’ve had some bright light orbs show up in my house, just wondering if maybe I could message you a couple pictures to review—– Sunshine&smiles, sherry 😉

      1. Anonymous

        Hi Sherry!

        Welcome to the web site and thank you for sharing your experience! It certainly sounds like an OBE sexual connection – lucky you!! The next time it happens, “kiss” back! 

        If you’d like me to take a look at who it was, please help support my work by purchasing advice either from my site: https://allietheiss.com/products/love-sex-readingsadvice/ or from me on Keen: http://www.keen.com/Allie%20Theiss. 

        Take care,
        Allie 😉 

        1. Sherry

          Hey Allie- I PLAN to support all kinds of your classes and info- soon- and I do want to show you some pictures of some orbs in my house and get your opinion- one more question I just have to know- if you are imagining with the white light rubber band like technique- would you start to “feel” the realness? Cuz only when those real feelings come upon me do I really feel anything? Last question before I start pro classes with you ;). THANK YOU ALSO FOR THAT SO INFORMATIVE YOU TUBE VIDEO- the telepathic, obe, ecstasy one! That is truly amazing!!!! Much luv!

          1. Allie

            Hey Sherry!

            Loving Orbs! They are so cool when they’re around.

            Once the white rubber band is around both of you – the real sensations should start to come in. If you find that they do not – you can attach the two solar plexus chakras (2 in above belly button) with a white or yellow light and that should do the trick. If you have a hard time imagining this or that, just engulf you and your target person in the same white light bubble – and forgo the rubber band & solar plexus as all should be connected within the energy bubble.
            Hope that helps!
            Happy OBE’ing!Allie 🙂

          2. Anonymous

            Hey Sherry!

            Loving Orbs! They are so cool when they’re around.

            Once the white rubber band is around both of you – the real sensations should start to come in. If you find that they do not – you can attach the two solar plexus chakras (2 in above belly button) with a white or yellow light and that should do the trick. If you have a hard time imagining this or that, just engulf you and your target person in the same white light bubble – and forgo the rubber band & solar plexus as all should be connected within the energy bubble.

            Hope that helps!
            Happy OBE’ing!Allie 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    I was at work today and my co-worker Ed sent me a TON of love energy.  It was so so powerful.   We are both attracted to each other.  I told my friend it was it was tingly from head to toe.   It was intense and loving and s e x y.  WOW.  It took my breath away.  It’s all I could do to not some how drag him into my office.  Interestingly we were both headed down the same hallway during this afternoon of energy, and that naughty man acted innocent as rain.  I, of course, had to return the energy favour.  To be continued…

  5. susan

    Hi Allie,

    I stumbled upon your website when I just began to experience first time telepathic sex with a guy whom I have dated recently but no longer in contact. The feeling was so surreal and intense so I had to do a bit of searching on the net 🙂 AT first i thought it was only my imagination, but my sacral chakra was like literally on fire and so hot that I had to lie down and all I could to do was playing out the sexual scenes in my mind and at the end I fell asleep as if we really had sex.

    I have a few questions, a week ago I started practicing remote seduction meditation with this same guy on my mind and today this wonderful experience happened – I wonder if it has to do with the meditation I have been using? Its like I feel energies are building up, though I have not heard anything from his side yet – I am starting to feel as if I will sooner or later.

    Will this guy have similar reactions during telepathic sex?

    And if I speak to him during our sexual telepathy, will he respond to me in a way that I can tell its him and not my own imagination?

    Thanks for your time!!!

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Susan!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around! It’s very common that you thought it was your imagination. 

      The mediation would have strengthen your energy and therefore can make it a more energized experience. When you’re in a mediation and you connect with someone, it’s usually either telepathic or astral. 

      No two people look at or experience a situation the same way. So the guy could have felt turned on sexually, but it may not have been exactly how you felt. 

      If you’re in reg communication with him, you can have him tell you something telepathically and then you can call him later that day and see if his answer matches up with what he told you earlier. If you’re not in contact with him, then it’s difficult to figure out if what he says is from him or if it’s you. Follow the signs to know that you are connected to someone (Sacral chakra vibes, lightheadness, body tremors, etc..). If any of the signs are present, I would bet it’s him talking. If not – then it’s you. 

      Hope that helps!

      Happy OBE’ing!
      Allie 🙂 

  6. The Feeling

    Hi allie. I came across your site some time back and I found it pretty useful. Thanks for that. There is this guy whom I met a few years back. We had an instant connection then, On the surface he used to act cool, but I could feel him sitting beside me, hugging me at night. We became sort of friends, but due to his career he is away in another country. He came back once, and just a hand shake was enough to re-start the spark. He went back but I can still feel him, his thoughts. We make love sometimes. I told him directly over a chat that I felt for him. He said he respected my feelings but has someone else in his life. I was broken. After some hours of the real-life conversation, I could feel his voice in my head telling me that he lied to me about any other woman and he is crazy about me and that he didn’t want to hurt me and that he loves me so much. I could see him bending down on his knees and crying. He still comes to me and makes love and puts me to sleep, etc. If he loves me why is he acting like that in real life? why is he not confessing his feelings for me and acting cold? Is it really him telling me that he loves me a lot or is it just my own stupid imagination? (btw, we both meditate regularly and are on the spiritual level) I really don’t know if we have a future together, I really love him.

    1. Hi There!

      People are in relationships for reasons other than love. It could be that he feel obligated to be in that relationship or it’s a business relationship (actors, singers, politicians, etc.. do this). It is very possible to love you and be connected to your energy and be in a relationship with someone else. Your connected energy started from a past life and that is why the energy feels so strong in this life – because it is.

      Hope this helps.

      Take care,

      Allie 🙂

      1. The Feeling

        well after I had earlier told you about this guy, we both had conversations again, This time he was very cold and said that he doesn’t want to be mean but has to be direct that he has someone else in his life and he intends to marry this person and that I should back off as all this will result in me being hurt and won’t lead to anything. I wished him luck and we have minimal contact since then. But Still I get the same feeling at times and can feel his presence and all. The connection between both of us gets very strong at times. I just don’t know what to do. So I ignore this these days and I am trying to move on with my life without him. If he really wants me, he has to come and get me. If not, then I am least interested in him playing these mental games with me. Thanks Allie for your words. He has clearly mentioned though that the other woman is his best friend. So I dont stand a chance against her I suppose. I dont think he cares. I just dont know whether to trust the fact that he keeps communicating with me through these OBE means. I just leave it upto the divine.

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