OBE Sex Forum and Dream Sex with Todd!

OBE Sex Forum and Dream Sex with Todd!

OBE sex forum: http://www.outofbodyecstasy.com/p/obe-sex-forum.html or if you like you can access it directly from Nabble: http://obe-sex.995437.n3.nabble.com. 

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Please don’t be shy. I’ve found over the years that we (as in people) learn better – understand clearer – when we read experiences and garner knowledge/answers from our peers. There is so much to learn, experience and discover  about OBE or out of body ecstasy that I cannot possibility be the one and only source. Help me – help you.

Last night I had a wonderful dream sex experience with Todd. I haven’t purposely engaged in dream sex for awhile. I keep hoping that I’ll get a good night’s sleep – but I don’t. Instead it’s a daily night of helping others, learning, traveling – so no matter what I wake up tired:)

Todd met me almost as soon as I entered the dream state. We were in the rainforest. I could hear the birds and animals talking in the background. The next thing I knew we were on a beautiful white bed with white netting & a canopy.  I remember distinctly his lips brushing mine – it sent a chill throughout my body that was so strong I woke up for a split second. I remember thinking – no no! And willed myself to go back to sleep.

When I arrived, Todd was on his back,  naked on the bed. I wasn’t sure where my clothes went – but I was naked too. Skin to skin contact was energizing. Not only were our kisses deep and passionate with our hands roaming all over our aroused bits and pieces…but I swear that we were in an energy cocoon of light. Every place his lips touched, my skin tingled. Every place on our bodies were portals of energy. As I was kissing Todd’s chest, his stomach and working my way down – he stopped me. He asked me not to go any further because if I did, it would be all over.

In the next instant we were intertwined, rocking back and forth in perfect rhythm. We both knew that our orgasms were moments away and when it would happen that we’d wake up. So he quickly told me that he loves visiting with me. At that moment it was as if a volcano erupted within – throwing me awake. I sat up in bed – scared every animal on my bed — and just sat there thinking — OMG!

I laid back — looked at the clock…it was 4:25 am. It had been a couple of hours since I went to bed. What a first dream visit I had for the night! I rolled over and fell back to asleep with a smile on my face.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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