OBE Sex, Energy Signatures And Shifting Looks!

OBE Sex, Energy Signatures And Shifting Looks!

Last weekend when I was chatting in the OBE Sex workshop – people were curious about race, gender during the obe and how do you know who it is exactly that you are engaging in obe sex with?

During an OBE experience – whether it is for sex or just to travel – it’s our energy bodies that are doing the OBE. Because of this we are able to shift our appearance from what we look like in our human bodies to anything we want. We can be a male or female (as we’ve been both in past lives) we can be any race we choose (again in every life we will each get to live in a different race – some more than once).

But even though we can change our physical or energy appearance – there are two things we cannot alter and that follows us not only in the OBE world, but from lifetime to lifetime:

1) Our eyes. The shape may change – the size – but never the color or the glint of our eyes when someone looks into them. Since each of our soul’s are unique – we each have a unique glint.

2) Our energy signatures. We each carry a different energy print – much like a fingerprint – no two are alike. I found this interesting that this same principle was applied in a recent episode of FRINGE.

The above is handy to know if you have protected yourself against a certain person, but the change their appearance, gender and/or race and try to make contact again. Your energy will immediately know that this person is not cool and the walls of protection will come up. Same applies if you are looking for someone. You hone in on their unique energy frequency – if you two have ever shared energy in this life (talking, being in the same room, dreaming together) or in past lives, then your energy will already have theirs in memory. It’s easier to hone in that way instead of searching for someone blindly.

So the next time you are engaging in OBE sex with someone and you like the way they feel (pun intended) it’ll be much easier to find them the next time around. And if they were creepy – you’ll be able to dodge them for eternity!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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