OBE Sex: Energy Signatures and Fingerprints

OBE Sex: Energy Signatures and Fingerprints

Rick and I are connected telepathically today. I can feel him kissing me. I can actually feel his lips on me. Now I know how that sounds to someone who has never experienced OBE sex or telepathic sex. It sounds a bit whacked. If I didn’t think it sounded a bit kooky – then you should be worried that I am off my rocker. See the insane always think they’re sane. So if this happens to you and you think you must be crazy – then you’re not. See how that works?

So how do I know it’s Rick and not some Joe Blow from Timbuktu? I know I’ve covered this before – but it bares not only repeating – but going a bit more in depth. 

Just like we all have unique fingerprints we also all have a unique energy signatures. People can sandpaper their fingerprints off. But you can’t remove an energy signature. Sure it can gain in strength – both positive and negative – shift as the human hopefully learns lessons and grows. What a person can’t change is the foundation of their energy – their soul’s core.

When you meet someone or sense someone – what is your 1st impression. How does their energy make you feel? Happy? Sad?  Horny? Loved?

What else can you sense or feel about the energy? Does it feel smooth? Spiky? Erratic? Powerful? Weak? Aggressive? Peaceful? Intuitive? Energized? Tired?

A soul’s energy never makes you feel only one thing. Fingerprints do not have only one ridge – neither do energy signatures. You have to be mindful of how all the layers interact and how their combined attributes make you feel.

When you are in OBE land, you can find a soul that makes you horny as hell and could energize the pants off of you. They could appear to be someone new or like an old friend. But at the same time there’s something off – a prickly feeling, a heavy feeling — something doesn’t feel right. Then it hits you – this person feels or looks like Person F but he or she is really Person C that you told to bugger off! You then immediately know not to allow this energy to go any further with you.

That’s the thing about OBE and energy – it can be manipulated to appear to be something that it is not – but it cannot cover all of it’s tracks. It cannot change the core of who it is. THAT is what you pay attention to.

This is how I know when it’s Rick and not let’s say – Todd. Rick is wisdom, peace, trust, friendship and love and his core. When he shows up it’s calm around me – throughout my body. Todd has intuition, high energy, goofiness, carefree and trust at his core. When it’s him it’s an instant zing when he arrives – I can’t be tired when his energy is around.

Practice with people you know. See how you feel or what you sense when they are around – or you get an email from them – a phone call. Everything that is connected to them carries their energy with it. Once you get the hang of identifying people you do know, then it will be easier to identify the soul’s you meet via OBE.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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