OBE Sex Energy, Scientfic Energy and Beliefs!

OBE Sex Energy, Scientfic Energy and Beliefs!

Out of body sex to most people sounds farfetched. The ability to have sexual relations with another person who is not physically in front of them is something from a sci fi novel – it’s not real life. This is the same line of thought people had before we walked on the moon or had the International Space Station. Heck – there were people who thought the Earth was flat (might I add there are some who still believe it). It was people who thought outside the box that got the impossible – possible.

I’m one of those thinkers – but I wasn’t always this way – in fact….far from it. But I was a curious kid and from that seed of curiosity – by the time I hit my 20’s I did indeed – think outside my comfort zone. It’s not an impossible task:)

Many people who want to think outside the box have contacted me about OBE sex in hopes they could give it a go. Most could do it after a few attempts with step by step instructions – but several could not. I think the reasons they could not do OBE sex is two-fold: 1) they couldn’t suspend their dis-belief and 2) they didn’t understand the concept of energy.

The 1st thing I cannot help them with – a person will believe what they choose to believe. But I will say how you were raised does have an impact subconsciously. Until one acknowledges that they were brought up to believe that anything “unknown” or metaphysical was BS, evil or untrue – then they cannot confront that false information and purge it from their belief system. It will hang around in your subconscious until you do just that; interfering with whatever it is you are trying to learn or grow. Regardless what you consciously say to other people.

For the 2nd one I’d like to recommend three books that scientifically explain energy. One written by an MD, another one PhD and lastly by a man whose life is all about energy.

  • The Energy Healing Experiments
  • A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine
  • Astral Dynamics 

The books are the 1st three in my new OBE Resource Store.  I will be updating books in here regularly. My goal is to add all the books I’ve either read, owned or want to read/own.

And before you ask – yes – I’m still working on the OBE sex book. It’ll be MUCH easier to do once I’m done with school in May! I want to have it out at least on the Kindle by the end of the year.

Those three books are great to look at energy with a scientific mind. For those who are not into reading science, here’s my simple version of our energy and energy body:

Humans have 3 energy planes and 7 energy fields that make up a person’s energy body.

a.      Spiritual Plane – the outer most energy field.
                                                    i.      Archetypal – the energy field contains our soul’s copy of our Akasha Records: what we’ve done, we’re we’ve been and the current map of our destiny in this lifetime.
                                                   ii.     Spiritual – the energy field reflects our boundless energy into our psychological, social, and physical realities. 
                                                  iii.     Mental – the energy field builds our relationship to our Destiny Markers, past and present karma/karmic connections, and inner life.
b.      Astral Plane – the astral energy field has dual purposes. First this is the medium through which we create and experience our astral and dream out of body ecstasy.  This energy field can also be the tool to look within and to develop our creative side. Intention, positive self-image, visual learning, visualization and healing, manifestation and success are generated and reflected in this energy level. Physical Plane – describe the Emotional, Etheric and Physical energy fields.
c.      Physical Plane – the energy field closest to our physical body.
                                                    i.     Emotional – the energy field carries the luggage of our feelings and emotional projection and response.
                                                   ii.     Etheric – the energy field is a blueprint or energy archetype for the physical body. It creates and maintains the body form.
                                                  iii.     Physical – the energy field reflects physical trauma, cell memory, physical health, and physiological beliefs and emotions.

So before you write off out of body ecstasy sex as a piece of fluff – learn about energy and take a good look at your belief system. You owe yourself at least that much:)

Happy OBE’ing!
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