OBE sex, energy and Robert Bruce. They all seem to go together. In my last podcast, I energy boasting techniques. Because energy bodies respond better to OBE travel and sex if you “rev up” your energy bodies prior to your OBE attempts.

I’ve been using Robert Bruce’s NEW Energy Ways for years now, and with his permission, his basic techniques are included below:

The NEW Energy Ways system can be demonstrated with the following practice:

Rest your left hand on your desk or lap with palm up. With the fingertips of your right hand stroke the whole underside of your left hand from wrist to fingertips repeatedly.

While doing this, memorize the feel of the touch this movement produces in your left hand. Continue stroking for half-a-minute, until you can reproduce the feel and movement of this action in your left hand from the touch memory, with your mind alone.
When you can do this, stop physically stroking and continue moving this feel through the whole of your left hand. Continue this and you will begin to feel some peculiar sensations, like pressure, heaviness, tingling, buzzing, or tickling. These indicate successful energy body stimulation in your left hand.

Repeat the above exercise with your right hand, then with each foot, then with other parts of your body.

Remember, the key ingredient to making this work is to move your sense of ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ through your body.

Another demonstration exercise is to hold your hands out in front, palms facing, 12 inches apart.

Imagine and ‘feel’ that you have a tennis ball sized globe of energy held in the right. Next, bounce this ball between your hands, without moving your hands. Imagine and ‘feel’ this ball bouncing from palm to palm. Keep doing this for half a minute, then extend the bounce action so the ball is passing ‘through’
your hands, several inches each side.

Repeat the above exercise with the soles of your feet, by resting your feet on their sides, 12 inches apart, roughly facing each other. Repeat this exercise with your knees, then your elbows, then your ankles. Note the sensations that each exercise produces in your body.

Regular practice of these methods significantly increases energy body activity, thereby accelerating psychic/spiritual development.

To learn more and/or to learn his advanced techniques, please visit his web site.

Copyright © Robert Bruce http://www.AstralDynamics.com

Try the exercises. They work. Do them at least 5 min before you attempt OBE sex.

Don’t forget that my show – The Passion Zone – will be on at 6:00 pm on Sunday. Topics will include the fetishes: Plushies and Flurries plus a sex toy give away! 

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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