OBE Sex DVD, Runes And The Universal Light Expo!

OBE Sex DVD, Runes And The Universal Light Expo!

So I was trying to work yesterday and my mind kept drifting to the Universal Light Expo that I will be a part of in Columbus Oct 11 & 12 (Booth 894). I give a talk about OBE sex on the 12th at 11:00 am. Being that I am on a shoestring budget, I was trying to think how can I get the word out about what I do without spending a lot of money? Especially since the OBE sex book will not be done and out on time for the expo. Plus I want to get the word out about the in person OBE workshops I am going to put on in 2009. Yes – I decided to do weekend workshops (sat & sun) for couples and singles a like. Any ways – so I’m think away and later on I get an email from one of the ULE people that there will be a person there who will video tape our talks, edit them and put it in DVD form into their network of distribution for the cost of $0.00. Yep – I don’t pay a dime. Divine intervention for sure. Now I have to make sure I put together a good 50 min workshop that gives an overview of what I want to teach, without giving too much away. And yes, I’ll be able to sell the DVD’s from my site.

Speaking of which – I’m also going to start selling the stones, crystals and herbs that I talk about all the time. I hope to have that segment up by November. Sooner if I can help it.

On a separate note – I just landed a gig writing adult video cards. So up my alley:)

It’s been awhile since I’ve given myself a Rune reading to determine what cycle I am trucking through.

I drew:

Raido – reversed (journey) – Present
Berkana (growth) – Attitude to take
Uruz (strength) – Consequences derived from the attitude

For the present it appears that obstacles, road blocks and so forth are not there to drive me nuts – rather they are rerouting opportunities. Plus this is a time where personal relationships can rupture and fall apart instead of reconciliations. It’s important to keep my sense of humor. Well let me tell you – my sisters and I have gone through a few spells lately that turned out in a way that I’m surprised we are still talking. Yet we are — we kept our sense of humor. The road blocks deal more with my readings than anything else. I know that doing readings is not where I’m supposed to be – yet they are trying to pay the bills. And I say trying because only some things are getting paid. So I understand this rerouting time – I just wish it would hurry up and reroute. I think that I made some progress yesterday when I shifted my focus from readings to the OBE workshops. I know that my future deals with both the screenwriting and the OBE sex information.

For my attitude to take to make it through this cycle – it’s all about growth. I have to step into the flow to allow things to transform instead of fighting against the current. I have to get rid of any resistance that may be in my way and then I have to push forward and accomplish my work. I have to be focused, clear with my indent and controlled in my work methods. I have been getting up earlier to rewrite DREAMERS, plus I have been working on my OBE stuff in the evening.

My consequences that come around because of my attitude is that of a fresh start – a new beginning. It’s all about terminating the past and embracing a new future. My current life would be outgrown and because of this – I have to let it go so that a new life can take form. I have to keep my eyes open for an opportunity that is disguised as a loss – something to which I have an emotional bond to. It will take strength for this new beginning and I’ll have to learn how to adapt to a very creative time. I was thinking about this – what could it be that I have to let go in order to embrace the new life – and it hit me: Gypsy Advice. I would have to give up readings all together – and probably the blogs. It could all be short term – but I know that there is no way to do the TV shows and all that I do now. So there would have to be some heavy cutting – and it would pain me to do so. We’ll see what I can still handle when the time is right. It would al work out if I could shift what I do now into a radio show such as what is on Psychiconair.com now or XM satellite would be great!

Have a great weekend! I’ll be writing all weekend long:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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