OBE Sex: Dream Sex And My Neck

OBE Sex: Dream Sex And My Neck

Dream sex last night was short lived thanks to my &(^&*%&*&(* animals (who I love dearly but they wake me up at the worse dang times). But it made a lasting impression and stayed with me all day.

In the dream I was at a couple’s home. It was a plush home, very clean, decorated tastefully. The wife was in the kitchen and I was on the floor sitting Indian Style looking through a photo album. In this album were elaborate pencil drawings – some in the gray lead, others with colored pencils on this couples sex life. They kept perfect records of everyone they have ever brought into their bedroom. The detail was amazing (no pictures, just words and lots of details in fancy script).

As I was working to the end of the album, the man was on the phone – talking to the last women they brought into bed with them. As he was hanging up he told her to lose their number. I could hear the wife yell – hell ya lose it!

Now for some reason I’m remembering the wife as Debra Messing and the husband as Jon Hamm. Now seeing that I do not watch either one of these actors, my only guess is who these soul’s were wanted to be seen as these two.


After he hung up the phone, he sat close to me on my left, and looked at what I was reading. He leaned in and kissed my neck. As soon as his lips touched my flesh a shot of tingly energy shot up through my skull and down my spine. It was intense. I moved away and he moved with me. I gasped when his lips touched the nape of my neck, I couldn’t get over how “on fire” I felt.

He felt it too – he commented on how his lips tingled when he touched me. It was unexpected for both of us. Interesting enough, we did to want the wife to know what we were doing. Although I think I was there to be the 3rd in the group.

She popped her head out of the kitchen and he pulled away and I kept looking at the album. She asked if he got rid of the stalker. He said yes. When she went back into the kitchen, he did something odd…

As we were talking about the electricity between us, he placed his right ear against my left year. Our ears felt electrified, light and zesty. I know – how can something feel zesty? But it was so intense. We were whispering excitingly about how odd our ears felt and neither of us could believe it.

Then the animals woke me up.

I briefly feel back to sleep where I met the husband in person. He was just as shocked as I was and he remembered all the dreams as I did. So since I only remember this last dream and there are supposed to be dreams — more must be on the way.

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂


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