OBE Sex – Do They Always Know What's Going On?

OBE Sex – Do They Always Know What's Going On?

<——Do me a favor, look to the left of this post and vote for your favorite OBE sex method. What do YOU want to know more about? Please vote — I’d like to know where I should put my concentration – if only for awhile.

A question that I have gotten over the last several days (same question asked by different people) is why do people meet up via OBE sex and have the experience if neither one sought the other one out?

Somebody always has to seek the other person out – but they don’t have to know exactly who that person is in reality. For example – if I dreamed about a man with blue eyes that looked about 6 ft with dark hair. I would hone in on the physical features I remembered along with his energy. Even though I wouldn’t know it’s Dave who works for Microsoft in accounting – the universe would know and sync us up. Now since we were in a dream or two together (that I would consciously remember at least), our souls already know one another and he would automatically allow me entrance to his energy. After being allowed into his energy – he then does have the free will to say go away. He doesn’t have to know it’s me all he has to do is not to currently want the sexual energy.

The universe never randomly puts two energies together. There’s always a purpose. Usually that purpose is a past life connection.

Another question I had — when two people have intense sexual encounters – both parties have to know what’s going on – right?

Wrong. I wish. With OBE sex all one has to be consciously aware of is the sexual excitement – whether it’s just a physical tingle or a full blown orgasm. Unless they know about OBE sex and accept it as a possibility – then they may think that they are in the midst of a fantasy and that is where the sexual urge came from.

Until more people realize what OBE sex is and how to tell that you are experiencing it – people will confuse it with fantasy or it was just their imagination and shrug it off.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 😉

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