OBE Sex and Dating?

OBE Sex and Dating?

OBE sex and the real world. I should say OBE and the dating world. I had someone ask me if I’ve ever met anyone via OBE sex and then actually dated them in the physical reality. I can answer that in one word – no. Now if they would have asked have I dated someone and then had sex with them in the land of OBE – my answer would have been the opposite.

Like with getting to know someone truthfully on the Internet, getting to know someone new via OBE is just as tricky. Why? Because as I’m sure most of you know, it’s very easy to make an alternate life up for yourself on the Internet – complete with pictures and backstory. This is just like in OBE, you can be anyone, any gender, you wish to be along with any back story you want to share. There are ways, though, to be able to tell if someone is who they say they are, and this takes place when you meet someone via OBE for the first time.

In the land of energy we all have a distinct energy signature that does not change — ever. No matter what life, what dimension, what time period or even what gender we happen to be, our energy signature stays the same. I think it’s creations’ way of keeping track of who is who. So you have to pay attention when you meet someone. How do they make you feel? Is their energy positive or negative? What pattern does their energy flow (in OBE you can see a person’s energy field without a problem)? What frequency does it vibrate at? You can tell all this in the blink of an eye. When you meet this person again, they may physically look different, but their energy will look and feel the same.

The eyes also never change life after life. They truly are the windows to the soul.

So how does all of the above translate into OBE sex and dating? Well the energy signature a soul has in OBE world, they have with the physical world. Now here in the physical it is not as easy to note the frequency or color/s of energy. But if you are observant and remain in the present, you will pick up clues to lead you to your answers. So you see there is a way to date someone in the physical world that you met during OBE sex.

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂

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