OBE Sex Book – Telepathic Connection

OBE Sex Book – Telepathic Connection

Telepathy is the energetic transfer of touch, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and sound. A Telepathic Connection is the energy bond that connects two or more minds into the same energetic wavelength to utilize telepathy.

Communication between people without a word spoken is a talent that spans centuries. Our mind, like radio or TV towers, emits and steadily receives electrical energies. We cannot see this happening, but we know that it happens as when we flip on a TV or radio our program “magically” appears it seems, out of thin air!

Our minds work exactly the same way. We broadcast emotions, moods, thoughts, attitudes, fragments of our personality unknowingly every day. Everything that emits energy also absorbs energy. Meaning, that with practice we can learn to read and speak to one another without ever moving our mouths!

A stranger cannot listen in on your private thoughts – nor can you act like a psychic spy and barrel in to retrieve another person’s thoughts. We all have a natural force field, or barrier that protects our thoughts from others. We do not have to think about it for it to be there as it is as automatic as a sunrise. However, we can give people permission to read our minds by mentally lowering this field by simply telling ourselves to do so.

Types Of Telepathic Connections

There are two ways to have a telepathic connection: Dominant and Non-Dominant

Dominant – You are in control of the connection and decide what to talk about and/or what activity to engage in.

Non-Dominant – You are passive in the connection and let the dominant person decide what will or what will not happen in the connection. If you want to get to know someone better – this is the way to go as you can observe what motivates them.

Types Of Thoughts

Everyone has different layers of thoughts. From those thoughts which are easily accessible to those thoughts that wish to remain secret.

Public Thoughts

These thoughts sit close to the surface and are easily accessible. They usually contain what has happened during the day and/or what you are presently working on when the connection happens.

Private Thoughts

These are normally public thoughts that you want to keep out of the “public eye” so you shield them to make it harder for someone to tap into these thoughts. A way to make thoughts private is not to say (in your mind or out loud) what you are thinking. If you see someone attractive – don’t say to yourself mentally that the person is attractive. When you do not mentally say what you are thinking – then it is not as easy to access those thoughts.

Inner Thoughts

These are thoughts that are hard to get to unless you are very strong telepathically.

These inner thoughts are a combination of your pasts, the present, and your wishful future. Thoughts are combined with daydreams and memories; emotions, fears, feelings, sounds and pictures. Thoughts and memories relate by similarity – with practice, you will be able to tell the difference between the two.

Everything is energy and energy is everything. Following that stream of thought, Ben and Lisa were already connected. However, it was not a conscious connection. They did not know they were doing telepathic sex until they found me and I told them what it was. Because it was not a conscious connection, neither of them could know that the connection was there until they talked to one another about their day. By connecting telepathically both Lisa and Ben will consciously know of the connection and thereby feel more connected.

How to Make a Telepathic Connection

  1. Relax, sit comfortably, and close your eyes.
  2. Shift your focus upward, above your ears, and sense the temporal lobe sections.
  3. Focus in on a person you wish to communicate.
  4. Imagine a white light emitting from your temporal lobes, wrapping around the target person’s head. If this is difficult to do, instead imagine a white light emitting from your whole body and that whole white light engulfs the target person so that you two are in a big white light bubble.
  5. You will know if you connect telepathically if you feel pressure, vibrations, tingling, or tickling any place on your body, but in particular either in your solar plexus or throat chakra.
  6. Be open to whatever you experience. Do not try too hard – do not force your concentration.
  7. Feel how a multitude of impressions/words/sounds seems to pour into your mind through the temporal lobes.
  8. Notice the sensation of heightened attunement that opens up in your solar plexus/throat — FEEL the communications.
  9. Allow your remaining senses to come into the equation.
  10. Strengthen the connection. You may feel a bit light-headed and/or your stomach may do some flip-flops – this is normal.
  11. Listen for a reply.
  12. Continue the conversation for as long as you can hold your attention on that person.
  13. When you are finished, imagine the white light coming loose from the person’s head or body and draw it back into your temporal lobes. Sometimes it helps to imagine double doors shutting once you bring the white light back to you.
  14. Note your impressions. I like to write them in a journal and keep track

Telepathy needs conducted with honestly, integrity and compassion for the other person’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. There is always a chance that you could learn personal information, and unless you have this person’s permission you will need to keep what is private – private. If you betray their trust, future connections will be more difficult as their natural force field will be blocking the connection.

The target person does not always consciously know that you are connecting, but will still respond subconsciously. Even if the connection is subconscious on their end, your connection with them will strengthen.

Now for those of you who are single and are looking to connect to a twin flame, soul mate, or a potential boyfriend/girlfriend. You will not be able to connect to anyone you do not know. This knowing can be here in the present, from a past life, or in a future life. Your soul, his or her soul, will know if you two KNOW one another. Only then can the connection occur. If you do not know them (think celebrities) nor will you, there will not be a connection.

You cannot force the connection – I cannot stress that point enough. If you meet resistance that means no. And a no is a no in the energy world just like a no is a no in the physical world.

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