OBE Sex, Bill, Ted, Will And A Goddess!

OBE Sex, Bill, Ted, Will And A Goddess!

What a weekend. I got a lot of work done – thank goodness. Although not as much as I needed to get done. But one step at a time:) My sister is still pregnant. We had a false alarm over the weekend — but that kid is still hanging in there.

I had an intense chat with my guide Ethan and the Goddess Brigit. This chat came about after a friend connected with me – telepathically – to remind me how much strength I have in my soul. How powerful my energy really is and what I can accomplish. When Ethan and Brigit showed up, he disconnected. The chat with these two was very – mind opening and intense. So mind blowing to me that I’m not really sure what to make of the information. It appears that I am a major Goddess that comes back into human form because of love and because mankind does not have the right view of “me”. I guess I’m not the type of Goddess/person you would want to piss off:) Now they said which Goddess and all, but I’m not real comfortable talking about which one. As I said – this is hard even for me to swallow. But it makes sense – especially with Ted, Bill and Will and the connections there. And it makes sense with all of the warrior images I have had – and the past lives as Joan of Arc and Cleopatra. I don’t know – I don’t know – I don’t know. I’m supposed to change the view of mankind towards this Goddess/me and finally have the love connections that have been denied. SHRUG. We’ll see. I’m sure at some point I’ll tell you more — when I know more.

Now someone asked a question in another blog entry about astral sex and telepathic sex. Isn’t there some sort of astral connection during telepathic sex? In short – no. I tried to explain the 3 types of OBE sex below:

Astral/dream sex: To become sexually aroused and engage in energetic sex with another person’s energy. In the astral/dream state, energy can be manipulated to a point where it feels and looks like physical body parts are merging — but they are only energy and not actual physical parts. This can lead to an orgasm in the physical body, although this is rare. In most cases a person would return from their astral travel or wake up from a dream and be so sexual turned on that they would have to take care of it upon waking and it would be a MUST to take care of, this isn’t something that you can walk off. If they are involved with a flesh and blood partner – the partner benefits from this astral turn on by engaging in physical sex with their partner.

The biggest difference between astral sex and dream sex is that with astral sex you purposely have your astral body separate from your physical body and you are awake during the act. If you have shifted your consciousness to your astral body and then shift it back when your astral body merges with your physical body – then you will remember a good chunk if not all of the encounter. With dream sex, your astral self parts during your sleeping state and your conscious mind is in a state of rest – that is unless you practice lucid dreaming or as I say dream visits where you are in control of your dream — then your conscious mind plays a bigger part in the whole experience and you remember more upon awaking.

Telepathic sex: There is no astral body merging in this one. Your brain is your #1 sexual organ. With telepathic sex, you are using your brain power only. Your brain waves connect with another’s brain wave in your minds eye you can see and feel the sexual act taking place. Think of this as real-time sex without the physical merging. With telepathic sex, the odds of having an orgasm are very high as none of your energy bodies (astral, mental, emotional – etc…) are separate from your physical body. Can you tell if you make the connection with another person or if it is just a fantasy? Yes you can. How? Just as you can tell with a telepathic communication – you have that zing of energy and a warm flow over your body (other people have been known to get a headache or tremble) when you have that telepathic connection. If this factor is missing in the telepathic sex, then you are simply having a fantasy and not the telepathic sex.

I like to think of telepathic sex as an intense day dream. Out of the 3 – I like telepathic sex the best – only because you can have a real-time orgasm:) And – you can remember the most if not all of the encounter.

I asked Tracey a couple of weeks ago if Bill, Ted and Will could feel what’s going on with me. If they are conscious of the changes in my life? This was her reply:

Bill is very sensitive to your emotions and he is feeling the depth of sadness within you and it is affecting him physically and manifesting in chest pains, and troubling sleeping, some depression, and cold like symptoms, tiredness. These are not conscious thought. He is journaling his experiences on the astral, and dreams, vivid visions and meditation experiences. He is writing his experiences formulating them into something that will be of importance or interest later as in he will share these with you. He seems to be trying hard to reach out to you but he feels that you are responding to him. He seems to be able to meet you consciously on the astral plane now, is able to communicate with you and is handling this well, is intrigued by it and trying it perhaps more than you have energy to expend right now. He seems sad when he feels he cannot make a connection to you. His sorrow for you is great. He does not like that your light seems so dim right now. I see that if this continues he may be very angry, almost as if he thinks you are ignoring him or will not let him comfort you.

Ted is totally connected, aware, consciously of your sadness, and the feelings of overwhelm, struggle, anxiety, panic, worry, and feels compelled to help you though feels that he is to stand back at this time. He will only be able to hold out on contacting you until the end of the summer, but he may contact you sooner if you continue to feel this deep fear and worry. Ted does not know how to deal with you being down and out and he wants to relieve your problems, worries, he has a strong urge to fix it, to help you and he does not know how to support you so much in terms of emotionally as he feels a basket case in this area himself, but he knows he can help you on a financial level and I sense that he may try to do this, though is uncertain if you would accept his help. I sense that he knows of a way to get money to you in a way that you will accept the money, and I sense this has to do with a wire transfer or internet transaction directly to you. I hope this makes sense to you in some way.

He believes he can send it in such a way that you may not know paper trail wise that he sent it even though intuitively you may know that he sent it, but either way his desire is that you accept it and continue to work on your writing so that you are in a better position. There is a place inside him that feels you are so strong and independent but are feeling so frail right now and though you are low in spirit he is not sure you would accept his financial help direct so he wants to be sure you get it and this is something he is mapping out in his mind, if you will. Perhaps this is some of the unexpected financial help.

Will and Ted will come into your life in the physical on or around the same time, perhaps together, or within a short time, and this is for a purpose, one that is not being revealed, but perhaps you already know the answer. Part of the purpose is to help you through this situation, not just in way of friendship, emotional support, but also financial support and providing contacts that you need to help you to excel in your aspirations for the future.

There are many feelings stirring within Will and though he is not consciously connecting them to you he is feeling grief, outrage, the sting of betrayal, relating it to a past experience in his own life, and he is wondering why he is thinking ab
out the past, as he has certainly felt over this situation. So, he is in tune with you and your emotions, soulfully, but is not aware of where the feelings are coming from, rather feeling they relate to self.

This helps to explain to me why Ted is always around and why Will and Bill seemed to have just vanished.

Everything will work because it’s supposed to – right?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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