OBE Sex and Astral Vaginas

OBE Sex and Astral Vaginas

OBE sex and vaginas. I would be lying if I said I’ve thought a lot about this subject. In truth, never really gave it much thought. Energy is energy and it expands, contracts and shifts. I haven’t really given much thought to astral body parts – until now. Within the last two weeks I’ve had a couple of emails from two different people asking about the subject. It got my attention.

Here are their questions and my answers:

Q: Does my physical vagina and astral vagina ready for orgasm simultaneously? Or is it more of the chicken/egg dilemma?

A: What happens in your energy field directly and simultaneously happens to your physical body. And what happens in your physical body directly and simultaneously happens to your energy field. So when one prepares for orgasm, so is the other. You do not have to put any thought into it – happens automatically.

Q: If my astral form had multiple vaginas, could I have sex with both my astral lovers or more at the same time? Does this happen much on the astral?

A: You can have sex with as many astral lovers as you want at the same time. It usually happens to those who knows it can happen. If you do not know you can do it, then you won’t do it.

Q. Being a form of energy, can ejaculating astral cum have a healing effect on the receiver? Is ejaculation during telepathic sex a way of imparting healing energy to another?

A: In the astral sense there is no fluid ejaculation. However there is an expansive positive energy flow that yes, can be healing to the receiver. In telepathic sex, ejaculation has the wonderful physical affect on you, while the receiver gets the wonderful energy effect.

Q. If nature spirits, elementals, non-human entities etc do exist, is it possible to have astral sex with them? If so, how do you tell human from nonhuman? Could they make you pregnant and have astral children with you?

A: Energy can copulate with energy. In the astral realm that’s all we are – pure energy. So yes, you can have astral sex with gnomes, faeries, spirits, etc… Yes, you can have astral children with a non-human.

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂

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