OBE Sex: Astral Sex and the Two Methods of Pleasure

OBE Sex: Astral Sex and the Two Methods of Pleasure

Sexual energy poll to the left – it’s anonymous and I would greatly appreciate it if you could weigh in! I’ll have a few OBE polls coming soon! The polls and the surveys are helping me research for the sexual energy and OBE sex books. 

Astral sex is hot these day. I think it’s so flipin` cool (err hot) that people are getting turned on to it!

There are two methods to have astral sex:

  • with an astral partner 
  • as you are orgasmic with a physical partner
With an astral partner you are normally by yourself at a comfortable, yet secure, location (usually a bedroom with a locked door). Once you astral separate with sex on your mind – then you will be taken to those who can help you out with that. Can you go to a specific energy for astral sex? Sure – provided you know that person and they say yes. 
Yes – astral sex still has to be consensual or it is a form of astral rape and that is a serious no-no. Will the astral police come after you and lock up your astral self if this happens? No. However, your energy vibe will lower and you’ll be running around with the more negative crowd. So not cool. The energy you bring into yourself via astral travel/sex, will transfer to your physical life. Hang with the lower energies in the astral realm as you will find that is who you will attract in physical realm. 
Will negative entities try to have sex with you as you are ascending to higher energy levels? Yes. Like you would on the street, you simply ignore them and keep traveling. 
When you astral travel you always want to think about the highest plane of existence that you have clearance to travel to.  You travel there faster and therefore avoid most of the lower level energies. One place lower energies are always found is right when you astral separate. 
Our physical plane is very low on the energy layer totem pole. So after you separate it’s always good to get the hell out of dodge. While you can travel to someone here on Earth – you will still be on the same energy plane that you were when you separated. Make sense? 
Now having astral sex with your physical partner right there is fricken mind blowing. The easiest time any of us have to experience astral sex is when we are having a physical orgasm. Our energy field is at it’s highest level and it is mighty expansive at that point in time. If you and your partner are astral travelers anyways – as you both hit orgasm, astral separate and join together right there. The astral sex lasts for only a split second – but when you combine it with the simultaneous physical orgasm – there is absolutely nothing like it. It’s a high well worth the practice/trouble it takes to be able to achieve it. I’m putting together a DIY couple workshop for exactly this. I hope to have it out by the end of the year.
Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂
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