OBE Sex: Astral Partner Sex, Orgasms and The Passion Zone

OBE Sex: Astral Partner Sex, Orgasms and The Passion Zone

Astral sex is a hot topic. I receive daily emails on asking why should a couple incorporate astral sex into their physical sexual lives. What benefit is there?

The why is easy – it gives the couple a second orgasm – stronger than the first. How? Whatever happens to the energy body directly affects the physical body. A person’s energy body starts where the physical body stops into one continuous flow.

When astral bodies (a layer of your energy body) merge during astral sex it’s like your energy is experiencing it’s own fireworks. When the energy is highly charged – it highly charges the physical body. When the physical body is highly charged during sex – you have a highly intense orgasmic experience.  

Many people resort to an illegal drug to feel an intense orgasm. It’s not the drug that enables a person to feel that intensity – it’s the astral body that gives that wondrous feel. What the drug does is lower the fear level/barrier of astral separation therefore allowing the astral body to effortlessly join another for sexual bliss.

I don’t endorse drug use – rather I posted the above to let you know that one can achieve the same results without the drugs.

I mentioned that astral sex allows for a more intense second orgasm. I said SECOND and not FIRST because during the first orgasm is when the astral bodies separate and join. You need the first in order to achieve the second. Make sense?

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Have an orgasmic day!

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