OBE Sex: Astral and Dream Bodies

OBE Sex: Astral and Dream Bodies

OBE sex in itself is very straight forward and simple. Your energy body leaves your physical body (astral and dream sex) or your energy body expands to connect to another energy body attached to a physical body (telepathic sex).

What gets confusing is who are we when we are in the astral realm? Are we who we were in the physical sense? Meaning when I, Allie, head off into the astral or dream realm, am I still Allie?

In a simple way – yes, I’m still Allie. When I separate my energy body from my physical body, I in essence, Allie. I’m female and I look like “me”. But once in the astral realm, I can shift to being a male with a penis – I can stay as a female with a vagina or I can shift to a hermaphrodite and have a penis and a vagina.

In the astral realm, whether it dreams or astral travel, a person (I use that term loosely) is pure energy and therefore able to take on any form they choose. They can also choose not to be in the form of a person. You can be a blob or a sphere. You’re energy. There is no container around you like a human body. You’re free flowing.

That’s why lucid dreaming is so cool. If you’re in a dream and you do not like what is going on, you can change things. Why? Because you are pure energy in a pure energy world.

When you are engaging in telepathic sex, you are who you are in the physical as your energy body is expanding, not separating. So it is extremely difficult to change genders.

What can never change is your energy signature. Like a fingerprint, an energy signature will always tell another energy who you are no matter what form or gender you decide to be at that time.

Make sense?

Read more about Energy Signatures.

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂

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