OBE Sex: Astral Basics

OBE Sex: Astral Basics

Astral sex is a marvelous experience. It’s pure energy. With that much “fire power” it’s difficult not to have an energizing time. But in order to get to have astral sex, you have to be able to astral travel and before there is astral travel there is astral projection.

Here’s a short blurb on astral travel/projection in case you have never heard of it (and if that’s so — I have no idea how you found my site!).

Here are some astral basics to get you up and traveling towards astral sex!

Basic Astral Prep

  1. No red meat at least 4 hrs prior (red meat grounds your energy).
  2. Caffeine will make you jittery.
  3. Imagine yourself in a white light filled bubble (for protection) before you attempt.

Basic Astral Projection

  1. Don’t do at night in bed. You may fall asleep.
  2. The hardest part of astral protection is the separation phase. Here are many ways to separate your astral body from your physical body. Through the top of the head – roll it out of your body – sit it up in your body – imagine a rope dangling above and you pull yourself out – out through your feet. How you do any of the previous is you imagine your astral body rolling out.
  3. Now during the separation phase, a lot of oddities happen that can make you run for the hills. Vibrations, loud buzzing in ears, sick to the stomach, and headache are the most common. You have to push through them.

Basic Astral Travel

  1. If it’s dark out when you astral travel, it will be dark in the astral world too.
  2. Think about where you want to go and guess what — you go.
  3. Want to return? Think of your body and poof – you’re back.

One of the key missteps people do is when they separate, they think it is so cool that they look back at their body – which causes them to go back in 🙂

If you want an in-depth look at astral travel – learn from the best – Robert Bruce.

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