OBE sex and sex toys…what a great combination! Many people do not think the two go together because OBE sex is a handsfree orgasmic experience. But like physical sex you need to shake it up every once in awhile.

So what toys can go with what? Glad you asked!

Here’s a taste of what you can pair up with OBE sex:

Telepathic Sex
Fleshlight or any other masturbation sleeve
iPod Vibe

Dream or Astral Sex
Cock Rings
Butterfly Vibe Strap On

The list goes on and on from that – point is you can pair up sex toys and OBE sex to have a different, yet rewarding, experience.

I posted new sex coaching tier for individual and couple sessions.  Don’t forget about the obe sex forum!

One of the easiest ways to remember your dreams and therefore, remember your dream sex, is to write down what you remember every morning upon waking. Turn off the alarm – grab your pen and paper — and write. BEFORE you talk to anyone – pet the dog, cat or go to the bathroom. The more you do this – the more you’ll remember!

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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