OBE Sex: 7 Tips for Astral Sex

OBE Sex: 7 Tips for Astral Sex

Astral sex can be a mind altering experience. The ability to merge pure energy with pure energy without the physical body getting in the way is an event worth pursuing. It’s not always a piece of cake to astral travel in order to get to astral sex. Here are some OBE tips that can help you achieve the orgasmic experience!

  1. As counterproductive as it may sound, no mind altering drugs or alcohol at least 8 hours prior to astral sex. Now while taking a mind altering substance can allow an easier access to astral travel, it actually puts a huge damper on it. Why? Because no matter how orgasmic the experience was, you won’t remember it once it is over. Trust me, this is an experience you want to remember.
  2. No red meat for at least 24 hours prior to lift off. Red meat grounds you and will make it more difficult to astral separate.
  3. No caffeine 3 hours before astral travel. Cuts down on the jitters and allows for easier separation.
  4. Wear or have on you a moldavite and faden quartz crystal. Moldavite ramps up your energy body to a higher frequency and the faden crystal is for connection – between you and your astral sex partner and the astral realm as a whole.
  5. Burning frankincense prior to astral sex will clear away any negative vibes and strengthen your energy field.
  6. Rolling the astral body out of your physical body for astral separation appears to be the easiest method for most people. Easier still if you are on your side when you roll out.
  7. Try not to attempt astral sex when you are tired and you are in bed. Too easy to fall asleep.


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