OBE Sex and 2012 Energy!

OBE Sex and 2012 Energy!

2012 will be a powerful year, no doubt about it. Not only does our current energy cycle end on 12-21-12 according to the Mayan calender, but numerology speaking it is also a 5 Universal Year (2+0+1+2 = 5). A 5 year is highly charged. It will be a time for you to get your game face on and be prepared to want to have sex with as many people as you can. Between both powerful energies, it will be a life-changing year.

Now for those of you who are in a committed relationship, the sexual energy could dismay you. How difficult will it be to be faithful to your partner and still have the energy flow through you? The energy cannot be stopped, it can be slowed down with energy protection methods, but it cannot be stopped. Keep in mind that the highly charged sexual energy that runs through you during the course of the year is intertwined with all of the energy. So you cannot single it out and dampen it while keeping all of the other energy flowing.

OBE sex is not considered cheating. At least not in my mind or the mind of many of my clients. You are not having physical sex with another or an emotional affair. It’s sex on sex with no strings attached – that is unless you attach them.

If the thought of telepathic sex or astral sex scares you allow yourself to experience dream sex. Dream sex is the same as having a wet dream. We’ve all had them, it’s perfectly normal. But during your dreams you will be able to cycle through the surge of sexual energy that 2012 will bring you.

When 12-21-12 hits we will be transitioning into a new life cycle. 12-22-12 and beyond will be more conducive to love and to sexual expression and satisfaction. OBE sex will not be looked down upon as imagination, but rather as a way of sexual expression and orgasmic release.

I will write more in 2012 about the energy and exercises we all can do to utilize this powerful time. In the meantime, check out my DIY classes on OBE sex – complete with instructions and exercises you do on your own in your own time.

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 😉

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