OBE, Odds And Ends and My Weekend!

OBE, Odds And Ends and My Weekend!

So what have I been up to? Well on Friday I was a working fiend – it’s was nice, been getting some things done. This weekend my son was supposed to be with his dad – so that I’d be able to concentrate on the OBE outline. But — the little dude got the flu Sat night and came back home. But speaking of OBE – my OBE blog was given the JanesGuide stamp of approval for quality and originality. Good stuff:) Needless to say – my traffic is up and I HAD to get my OBE stuff done – just have too! And somehow I did get that OBE stuff done. The goal with this book right now is to get it to a publisher such as Hay House or Llewellyn so I’m trying to make what I have publisher “friendly”.

This past weekend – despite getting the OBE stuff done – rather sucked. My son was nice enough to pass off his sickness to me – luckily I have been keeping it at bay (barely) – my computer has not been Allie friendly at all since I installed Norton 2009 and Sean — is no more. Oh he’s alive, there just is no chance of a me and him developing. It’s okay – he has his path and I have mine. And I guess mine is going to continue to be date-less for awhile longer.

I think Samantha made a prediction that I would get attached to a new stray cat and I think it is because of a past life. Well – “little black kitty” (although he is not that young I suspect) has been coming on my porch for several months to get food. Usually he would eat and just hiss at me. The past couple of days he’s been staying on of the cat houses on the porch. He was staying in Raisin’s home – until I think there was a fight – now he’s in the other one. He’s letting me pet him somewhat. Poor things has an upper resp mess going on. It’s eyes are very goopy, one was gooped shut today and it has stuff coming out of it’s nose. It allowed me to wipe it’s eyes a bit – it was enough so that the one eye would open. No hissing today. I’m hoping he lets me work on him some more. This time I know it’s a him because he hasn’t been fixed. I was thinking of naming him Salem because he’s black. We’ll see – hopefully he’ll trust me enough and I’ll have the money to take him into the vet. But in the mean time I am adding Vit C to his dry food and garlic to the wet food to try to build up his immune system.

I’ve been on Live Person most of the day today – and probably will be tonight. I had planned on being on Keen – but with my son home from school I thought it best not to do phone readings – ya know:)

I mentioned on the podcast today about Angel Food Ministries – a good place to go for quality food at cheap prices. Income isn’t a factor and they do take food stamps. I picked up my December food last weekend. All quality stuff – not top shelf – but it’ll do nicely.

I have decide to move my OBE blog from Blogger to WordPress. This will enable me (I believe) to have all OBE/sexual stuff in one place. I’ve been working on it most of today – and I admit, I’m pissed. I’ve gotten everything on the WP blog to work – except the ability to add plugins to the blog. It keeps coming up as an error – so I don’t know. I have to give myself some more time to look it over.

I know that I have plenty more to write – but right now I’m just brain dead. Stress I think….so I’m going to go play the x-box with my kid and make supper.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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