OBE Dream Heavy

OBE Dream Heavy

OBE experiences have help shape my life. Dreams appear to have taken center stage in my life right now. I’m tired. Really, really tired as my constant dream visits will not give me a break.

Dreaming is something I love, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a point in time where I just want to do the heavy sleeping instead of the dreaming. You know?

This massive amount of dreaming kicked off a couple of weeks ago with a sexy dream visit from Rick. It was all dream sex – from beginning to end – he and I in bed – naked.

As a sex coach I know a lot of sexual positions, after all, it’s my job to know about these 🙂 The nice thing about dream sex is it doesn’t have the same limitations that physical sex can impose. In the physical reality, Rick has horrible knees, so lifting anyone anywhere isn’t a possibility. Let me tell you, this man could not only lift – but he could flip. I was great!

The sensation of skin on skin and vaginal intercourse feels exactly the same during dream sex as regular sex. It’s wild. I don’t care how many times I’ve engaged in sexy dream escapades, it never ceases to amaze me.

Places that I remember Rick and I having sex: bed, bedroom floor, marble shower, kitchen counter, theatre room (great comfy reclining chairs), car hood and in the pool.

Ahhhh….it was wonderful 🙂

Then since that time all my dream visits center around two things: US Army and Atlantis.

With the Army I keep seeing soldiers deploy – only I don’t know where too or why.

Atlantis is more of a blur. There are a lot of white stone places, pyramids, UFOs, teleporting, crystal caves and water. Lots and lots of water. I can also remember royal blue robes and calm. When I try to remember it all, it comes back fast and furious. It’s like I’m supposed to remember some but all would be too much.

All the dreaming has gotten to me thinking – how can I sleep better? Is there a way to slow it down so I can get some quality sleep? Then I remembered the wise words of Monica Davis and said – CELESTITE! Although this stone does promote astral travel and lucid dreams, it also creates harmony and balance. That’s exactly what I need!

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂

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