NYC, Bill And A Book!

NYC, Bill And A Book!

Will. Boy – is his energy strong. I’m so tempted do go rummaging around that mind of his to discover what he’s up to. But he’ll know I’m there. And he’ll probably be a bit upset with me – so I won’t. But let me tell you the temptation is strong to do so. I’m so damn curious:) But we know what curiosity does, don’t we? It either kills us or makes us stronger. I’d like to lean towards this would make me stronger, but I won’t let the temptation get the better of me.

My son is soooooo happy. Why? Because my TV pilot DREAMERS was based in Mass. Well, I changed it to NYC and he is beyond excited. I told you we were going to move there!! He shouted that over and over again — see mom I am psychic:) LOL. That kid. But I’ve been working on it – not much time for anything else like writing in the blog or returning emails. So if there’s an email from you in that inbox of mine — don’t hold your breath. I have until Friday evening to get this draft done. And now that I switched it to NYC – things are flowing a lot easier.

Tomorrow I take my son in for his series of eye tests. Wish me luck that the sensor motor problem he has isn’t as severe as they think it is.

My sister is flying to London tomorrow to go to a concert. A concert. The only reason she’s going across the pond. Am I jealous? Heck yeah. She’s seeing my 80’s groups dog gone it! Rick Astley. Go ahead, roll your eyes, but I just love that guy. Besides, I’ve always wanted to go to the UK. Hopefully I’ll get to go in 2009! You know me and British guys – just love them.

Since I’ve been back home I’m sleeping better. I still have some of my headache – but nothing like last week – nothing. So the shift did occur over the weekend like it was supposed to.

Bill has been around lately. It’s good to feel more of his energy. He has such a way of pushing my buttons – both good and bad. He has been showing up in my dream visits. He keeps showing me this leather bound book that reminds me of one I had in a vision of him, me and Ted about Atlantis. He very insistent that I memorize this book. There are a lot of hand drawn maps, notes and symbols. But when I wake up – no matter how much I program myself to remember what he shows me, it skips away. All very frustrating. I guess when the time comes and I do run into that book in the physical sense, I will have one of those “moments” that click. Besides the book, I keep trying to find Bill. One second he’s there in the dream – and then he’s lost in a crowd and I run around trying to find him. When I do – it’s back to that book which he keeps under his arm. Then he’s gone again. Why does he have to jump in and out? Can’t he just stay? SIGH.

But with him arriving more often – it feels to me that the stay of contact with me, him and Ted is coming to a close. All I have to say for that is thank goodness!

And on that note – time to get my son, go to little league and then work on DREAMERS!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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