Numerology: Who Is He?…It's In His Name

Numerology: Who Is He?…It's In His Name

In the early 60s, Betty Everett sang, “It’s in his kiss…”. In the 80s, Peter Gabriel told us it was “In Your Eyes”. But, it was John Lennon in the late 60s who provided the most accurate depiction of how to best understand the man in your life, “You Know My Name, Look Up My Numbers”.

Now here, in 2012, I would like to introduce the ancient esoteric science known as Numerology, to you. Numerology, the music and information of who you are as determined by your given name and your birth date. In use for thousands of years, and based upon the numbers 1-9, the alphabet, your birth date, and your name as it is spelled on your birth certificate this modality provides insightful information, with great depth and explanation, of who you are, and more importantly, who that man in your life really is.

A numerological interpretation of someone’s name provides unique details into personality, characteristics, strengths, weakness, issues and challenges, and if you are so inclined, a blueprint of your sexuality and sexual tendencies. You will receive a very detailed and complete understanding of anyone for whom a chart is interpreted. Not only can you fully understand your partner, additional detailed information can be gleaned that describes the points of conflict (inter-personal stress) between you and your mate. This is done through a comparative reading and will outline individual approaches to situations, reasons for that behavior, and possible remedies to help overcome the conflict(s).

In the reading and interpretation of a name, the particulars of the personality can be described and understood. Points of weakness (lessons) that appear, are areas where an individual must improve their ‘performance‘. Does your boyfriend or husband have a difficult time expressing himself on a personal level? Are all your questions answered with a ‘no‘ or an ‘I don’t want to talk about it‘? Check to see if he has any of the letters C,L, or U in the spelling of his complete name. If not, this is the reason behind the lack of communication. These three letters are all ‘3s’ in Numerology and the number 3 is about self-expression, words-written or spoken, creativity and other facets of creative self-expression. The average name has one to two 3s, if there are none, than that person needs to learn how articulate that which is being felt, or that needs to be expressed. In many ways, the person must ‘find their voice‘.

Too much 4 energy, creates an energy that may be controlling or domineering. Too much 5 energy, makes the person curious, adventurous, and depending on the placement, a person who has a difficult time with commitment. No matter the lesson, it is there for a reason, as it is a part of one’s life that must be worked upon and improved. Nothing in numerology is insurmountable. Numerology is there to assist you on your journey to self-empowerment through understanding, acceptance and (by taking) responsibility. On a personal level, it will provide YOU with a better understanding of why you are the way you are, and why that ‘same guy‘ keeps showing up. Through the improvement and increasing of your own self-awareness, will you be better positioned to attract someone who is more likely to be compatible.

When it comes right down to it, the easiest path to attracting the right person, is to be the person you would like to attract.

Copyright 2012, Michael John Fierro

Michael John Fierro is a Numerologist, Life Coach, and Author of YOU KNOW YOUR NAME…LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS. He has been working with numerology since 1984 and is available for private sessions, lectures, and more. You may contact him at or

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