Notes from the Universe, Me and Other Stuff!

Notes from the Universe, Me and Other Stuff!

I’m forcing myself out to have some fun tonight. Not that I don’t like what my son and I are doing tonight or who with — love it all. It’s just I think my son and I could very happily be hermits and come out again when it’s spring:) So two thumbs up for tonight’s game night! I’m actually about to leave and get my kid out of school early so we can stop and and see one friend before the fun starts. Good stuff.

We did survive the last round of crappy weather here in Ohio. The ice storm this week was pretty bad. Me ripping the muscles in my left shoulder and back trying to get the 2 – 3 in ice off my deck and stairs so that we wouldn’t kill ourselves. My left side hurts – the whole dang thing – including my hand that keeps cramping up. Ouch!

My ex is so kind — he told me in great detail about all of the fun he’ll have in FL this weekend with some really well-off people while his son and I are home eating mac and cheese. Sometimes it takes every ounce of patience I have not to take a board and smack him in the head. He loves to go on and on about his wonderful – kept – life. I thank the heavens every day that he’s not my problem:)

I got my yearly reading from Gab. She was dead on about my deceased relatives. If you ever want a spiritual medium let me know and I’ll send you her info. She also told me that I’ll have more money come June – I’ll have a job in July/Aug and will be heading to grad school come fall. In the fall I will also have a boyfriend. My flash spell book and oracle cards are winners and I need to finish them – as well as Dreamers. What else? Oh – that I’ll never meet Rick or Todd. Bummer. And that I’ll have fun in CA in March. I liked everything but the Rick/Todd part:) Maybe that outlook will change once I’m further along with my writing? Who knows? But my guide Robert showed up — it was nice that he was around:)

I get “Notes from the Universe” every mon – fri mornings. Here’s one I thought I’d share with you:

Did you know, Allie, that you can expect extraordinary miracles to manifest in your life about 2% more often, simply by learning that your thoughts become the things and events of your life?


And that you can expect extraordinary miracles to manifest about 25% more often, when you not only learn this, but you also visualize at least several times a week?

“Oh, cowabunga.”

But when you understand that “thoughts become things,” you visualize, and you begin saying and doing things, every day, that you’ve never said or done before, the onslaught of serendipities and coincidences are immeasurable.

“Holy #$%^! I’ll have what she’s having!”

Yeah, sounds like it’s worth it –

The Universe

I like that message and feel that it holds true:) If you would like to sign up for your own positive messages, go to:

I’d like to write more – but I’m out of time. Talk more later!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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