Northeast Feng Shui Wisdom!

Northeast Feng Shui Wisdom!

Feng Shui is the art of the perfect placement to encourage positive chi or energy to fill the household (or business).

The NORTHEAST sector of the room or your entire home, in which you wish to practice Feng Shui, is where you have a chance to gain wisdom, knowledge and self-cultivation.

This is the area you need to work on to encompass turning points – by gaining self-wisdom you can bring about revolutions in your life – thereby enabling yourself to make the big changes you need in order to get the life you desire.

Different stones you can employ in this sector include:

  • Agate (wealth)
  • Amazonite (self-cultivation)
  • Amber (wisdom)
  • Amethyst (wisdom)
  • Azurite (wisdom)
  • Calcite (knowledge)
  • Chrysoberyl (luck for attracting wealth)
  • Hematite (self-knowledge, wisdom)
  • Jade (wisdom)
  • Jet (self-cultivation and knowledge)
  • Kunzite (self-cultivation)
  • Labradorite (self-cultivation)
  • Lapis Lazuli (wisdom)
  • Onyx (self-cultivation/transformation)
  • Pearl (self-cultivation)
  • Rhodonite (wisdom)
  • Sapphire (wisdom – mental clarity/intuition)
  • Sardonyx (wisdom)
  • Sodalite (wisdom)
  • Sphene (knowledge)
  • Sunstone (self-cultivation)
  • Tanzanite (knowledge)
  • Tourmaline (wisdom)
  • Zircon (wisdom)


Blue is the color of the NORTHEAST sector. You could employ the power of the gemstones by working with colors. If you choose this route – Lapis Lazuli is an excellent blue stone to work with.

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