No Sleep, Raw Nerves And My Dreams!

No Sleep, Raw Nerves And My Dreams!

I’ve had a hell of a day. It wasn’t just one thing, but an accumulation of many items. The fact that I haven’t had a decent night sleep in about 2 weeks hasn’t helped at all. So tonight I finally broke down had the last Guinness in the house, and then switched to a few gin and tonics. I’m hoping that the alcohol will tone down my psychic receptor (as it normally does when I’m awake) enough so that I can sleep through the night. I’m not drunk – unfortunately – but my nerves are not on edge either. I think that it was last year, maybe about this same time, where I was so nerve wracked it was insane. Same case here – my nerves feel very raw and exposed. SIGH Plus — to make life more interesting, I’m starting to get sick. Fun – as you guys know who have followed this blog for a while all of this stuff happens when there is a shift and/or a major world event.

My dreams last night were insane. I can remember a lot of black and brown, with time moving very rapid. Like when you are watching a movie and they speed up the film to show a quick passage of time. I can’t feel that the dreams were negative or bad in nature as I didn’t wake up with a feeling of dread. I can feel Bill in the background for part of the dreams, but I don’t know what happened, just that fleeting feel that he was there. You know the type of feel I mean — those of you who drink — it’s when you wake up one morning, roll over and say “Holy Crap” to yourself as you have no idea who that person next to you is. All you can grasp are fleeting memories of the prior evening.

The dreams memories I can grasp of last night deal with Ted. We’re sitting down in a hotel room – reminded me of the Ritz or Four Seasons – and I had just started to talk to him. He was overwhelmed. In the room was Bill, Clive, Peter, Larry and a couple of others. Ted kept saying that maybe he’s not worth it. I tell him to look over at all of his friends that love him to death — they would walk through fire for you, I say. I would walk through fire for you. None of us would do this for a person who wasn’t worth it. Some other things were discussed – no idea what. Then I remember saying that he and I have a lot of karma to clear up in this lifetime. I went on to say that one of us has died too early or suddenly in previous lives leaving the other person alone and broken. He asks – is that why you told Bill. I nodded. I couldn’t lose you again, not yet, not this soon. Besides, if we don’t take care of things, we keep having to come back until we do. He’s like – yeah.

That’s all I can grasp.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a gin/tonic that I had forgotten how much I liked them!

BTW…I almost moved my son’s hot wheel last night, just by thinking about it. The tires started to move — but I think that I was so excited to see it that I broke the concentration and I haven’t been able to do it again. I’ll try when I’m in a better mood:) Or maybe I should try to channel my nerves into my gifts? I’ll try to sleep on it — maybe I’ll get an answer that I can remember:)

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You know what I don’t get? How people could back a war that run by a bunch of guys who had refused to go to war themselves? SIGH. Ignorance is not bliss.

On that – I’d better head to snooze-ville. Wish me luck.

Sweet Dreams!

CS – Allie 😉

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