No Contact, A Sad Ted and Today’s the 28th!

No Contact, A Sad Ted and Today’s the 28th!

No phone calls – no emails – nadda. However, there was a great deal of activity with people going back to the beginning of the blog and looking through yesterday. Quite a bit of activity – it surprised me.

Here it is the 28th, the day that has been centermost in my mind for the last month. I wonder if what I’ve been sensing has been the hurricane? I’m very ancy today. I still can’t pinpoint what’s going to happen. But I know when I go to bed tonight that something would have changed – I will have changed – and I will not be the same person. I just wish I knew what was going to shift.

I had some interesting dreams last night. Had my son not jumped on me this morning I would have remembered more (as I would have written them down) but as it is it’s been a few hours since I got up!

The places I visited I’ve been to before – they were familar to me. Everything is now in fragments – but it flowed like a story in the dream visit.

I can remember showing up in a crowded area – outside – reminds me of a courtyard in Rome or Atlantis (but this is in the present). I’m with both Bill and Ted. We each arrived separately – and we are happy to see one another. I don’t know how it happens, or why – but Bill and I split from Ted.

I am then by myself wondering a crowed street and I run into an old childhood friend who I’ve been in contact with over the last several years (he’s in WY now as a fire chief) he’s a good friend, love the man, but we are only friends. Anyways – a few people I graduated with pass me by and I see my friend. We hug. I’m am sooo happy to see him. It’s been too long. I take him to see my mom in her house or maybe it’s an outdoor gathering place – but it’s not her house in the real world. At first she doesn’t recognize him – but then she remembers. They chat.

Off I see Ted, by himself. He is getting ready to do some work. He is dressed in a red flannel checkered shirt – looks really good. But when he sees me his eyes are so sad. He acts like he really doesn’t know me at all. He gives me a half smile and walks away.

I’m then with the women from the series “Charmed”. But they are not their characters – but themselves. A reporter is talking to Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty. The other two “sisters” are there as well. I approach them and ask what’s going on. Shannen wearily says something about the interview. I’m like – are you crazy? I look at Holly Marie Combs and tell her to freeze the reporter (this is her power in the show). She’s like – I can’t do that! I reply – the hell you can’t. Now do it!

She freezes him. Alyssa runs over to his notepad and there is stuff in there that they do not want the public to know. So they take it. It’s placed on the ground. I look at it and it goes up in flames. I then tell Shannen to move him to the side of the road. She uses her TV powers and moves him. Now – not sure why – but just before he unfreezes – I look at him and I turn him into a mighty oak tree. This tree is huge and it’s next to the road. He unfreezes as a tree and we can hear the tree moan. It sounds like when the wind whips through the leaves. I know that we won’t leave him like that forever.

I’m back to seeing Ted. I can see Bill in the distance with a group of people. Ted is sitting with a group of people. I talk to him. The conversation is guarded. It’s like we do not know one another – but we do. We are each watching what we say to the other. His eyes still have that wounded look – but he won’t tell me what’s wrong.

I see the ladies from “Charmed” again. Seems they all have new acting gigs and from what I gather – so do I. We mention what we’re doing – but I don’t remember what it is. Everywhere I look is the same white Rome/Atlantis feel to it. Ted passes me in that same flannel shirt. I reach out and touch him. He ignores the touch and keeps moving.

Next thing I cam remember is that he is with my best friend. I can remember the pain in my heart as I watched the two of them together. Ted looks at me and his eyes just rip right into my soul. There is so much pain that I can feel from him.

I’m at my home with my husband. There are many people at the dinner table – Bill included. Ted and my best friend show up – we are all surprised. Her family is there as well. I clear off two places. Hubby places Ted next to me. I’m confused – I ask – are you sure. He says – yes. Ted sits down and I say that it is good to see him. His hand covers mine and he replies that it is good to see me too.

Then I wake up.

I’m thinking that the pain I felt with him and my friend being together (and BTW – this isn’t the 1st dream visit were they have been an item) is the pain he feels with Bill and I being together – or will feel once we are all reunited in the physical sense. As far as using magic goes or why Bill stayed away or even why my husband let Ted sit next to me is a baffle.

I have a heavy heart today. I actually went to bed with it and I had hoped it would go away come morning. I really wish someone could do something to help and to remove the last obstacles. I guess its my turn to feel low. I’ll snap out of it – I don’t have a choice:)

Until tommorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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